How We Went Out for a Pizza and Came Home with a Roadster

Alan Webb, Roadster Owner, 16. maaliskuuta 2010

My wife was bummed. She'd had a lousy night's sleep. She'd spent the morning riding a difficult horse. And her sports car was in the shop for the third time in four months. As we do most days, we drove back through Boulder, Colorado, and I thought of a way to cheer her up. I headed for the local take-and-bake pizza shop. OK, I hear you thinking, “Wow. Big spender!” So, a little side note: I ate a plethora of pizza working through lunch or late hours and mostly don't want it anymore. Consequently, my wife seldom gets it, so it's a treat for her. Shortly, we arrived at Ninth and Pearl where the pizza shop is, and I see a neat little red car parked there. “Hey, nice Lotus,” I think. Then I saw the sign on the store right behind it. It says T E S L A - whole different story. This, we agree, we have to see. Even though I had followed the Tesla story with a car buff's interest I had missed the announcement of a Boulder store. Now, by sheer luck, we walked in on opening day. Three or four cars on the floor (including Kimball Musk's orange #3 -- he owns a restaurant down the street), a couple cars out for test drives, posters, videos, brochures, snacks ... and a smart (not to mention exceptionally attractive) sales woman who opened the conversation by handing me a sheet explaining the $7500 Federal and ridiculously humongous Colorado tax rebates; a third of the price of the car! Well, interesting. “Yes,” I said, “but I know there's a waiting list. If we did want one, how long would we wait?”

Jane Webb

She told us they had fifteen, one of each color, assigned to this store and we could have one by early December, but it was first come, first-served and we had to buy it that day in order to guarantee the early delivery date. I was a little bemused. I walked over to look at the color chart, listened to the Tesla tech explaining some things to another customer, looked up and saw my wife with the sales woman calling up the black-on-black car on the computer and writing a check. You have to love a wife like that. Never did get the pizza. ...stay tuned for 3000 miles of Colorado winter driving, daily destinations and ice dancing...

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