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The countdown is on… It’s time to deliver Model S!

The excitement is really starting to build as we count down the days to our first Model S deliveries. We are ahead of schedule and can’t wait to put our first Reservation Holders behind the wheel! We’ve been looking forward to this day for over three years, and the buzz around the office and the factory is escalating every day.


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It's time to build your Model S

Tesla recently sent the following message to our first Signature Series reservation holders:

It's Time to Build Your Model S. The Fremont factory is almost ready and the entire Tesla team is very excited about taking this next important step.

This is another big step forward on our way to delivering Model S in July.

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Plug It In

A single blogger is spreading a rumor about electric vehicles becoming inoperable. “Bricking” is an irrational fear based on limited information and a misunderstanding of Tesla’s battery system. Here is why the rumor is unfounded:

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Stop In. Go Electric.

This weekend we open the next Tesla Store at Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado. Each Tesla Store opening represents a pivotal milestone on the path to putting Model S on the road; they make Tesla’s groundbreaking electric vehicle technology accessible to more people.

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The Promise of Electric Vehicles

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Ten Million Electric Miles and Counting: By Jove, It Does Work in the Real World

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A Quick Update on Model S

Over fifty Tesla Roadster owners and their guests joined us recently to celebrate the opening of the newest Tesla store in Milan, Italy. Elon and I held a “customer chat” just before the event. It was an incredible opportunity to spend time with current owners. I loved being in the same room with over 100 loyal and committed customers, spouses, and friends. It was great!

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Outing Myself as a Tesla Fan Girl

I slipped into the driver’s seat of a Tesla Roadster for the first time seven months ago. As the green technology reporter for Silicon Valley blog VentureBeat, I expected to drive it for a few hours before writing a basic review. What I didn’t expect is that a) I would fall in love with the car (and its rollercoaster acceleration), and that b) this one afternoon would set me on track to where I am now: starting as the newest member of Tesla Motors’ communications team.

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11 Questions for Odyssey of Pioneers Driver Luke McClure

In early 2010, Tesla teamed up TAG Heuer to honor the premium watchmaker's 150th anniversary. Together, the companies created the Odyssey of Pioneers, an around the world journey in the one-of-a-kind TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster. The trip began in Basel, Switzerland, in March and over the past months, the car, piloted by Tesla Technician Luke McClure, has traveled over 10,318 miles through Europe, Russia, and Asia.

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Pedal to the Metal... It’s a Sprint to the Finish!

Easter Monday 2010 saw the first official motor race that included Electric Vehicles in the UK. Held at the Historic Goodwood Circuit, Tesla Motors became the world’s first electric vehicle manufacturer to enter competitive motorsport in the UK. Earlier this year, the UK’s motorsport governing body, the Motor Sport Association, assessed the performance and safety criteria for electric vehicles competing in UK Motorsport. Finally, motor racing clubs could create competing classes for EVs.

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