Inside Tesla - 08.02.12

George Blankenship, Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Ownership Experience, 2. elokuuta 2012

It's hard to believe it's already August. It seems like only yesterday we were getting ready to deliver our first cars and open a few new stores. A lot has happened in the last month or so, and it seems like the perfect time for another Inside Tesla update.


Our Fremont factory ramp up is progressing very well. Our focus on quality has paid off as we moved from building three cars per week, to five cars per week, to ten cars per week. We have now produced 50 cars that received unanimous signoff from Elon and the entire quality team. Some are being enjoyed by reservation holders at Get Amped Model S Tour test drive events, a couple are being used by our Service and Engineering teams, and we have 29 that are either already in the hands of their new owners or on their way via Tesla Personal Delivery. The ramp up is continuing and we are getting a lot of invaluable information from having all these cars on the road. We have already logged more than 39,000 miles on the first 50 cars.


About two-thirds of the 39,000 miles are from the Get Amped Model S Tour. As of this past Sunday, we have officially completed more than 3,500 test drives. With three weekends to go, the 5,000 test drive goal is well within reach. The reviews and comments from the tour have been overwhelming. I’ve received so many emails from reservation holders who were thrilled to finally “get behind the wheel.” The second most popular email I get is, “How can I get my Model S sooner?” We are doing all we can to get your Model S to you as quickly as possible. We have produced 50 cars to date and our plan is to double that number in the next two to three weeks. Production will then continue to escalate even more significantly every two to three weeks thereafter. Believe me, we can’t wait to get you behind the wheel of your Model S!  BTW- I'm working in Europe the next two weeks and my Pearl White, Performance Model S will be waiting for me when I get back. I’m going to take delivery at my house so my entire family can enjoy the party.


Those of you who know Tesla know that every millimeter counts to us. With that in mind, I need to update you on a few things that we’ve been working on the past month or two.

The original beta Lighted Vanity Mirrors on the front sun visors were simply not acceptable to us from an appearance, function or size standpoint, so we rejected them and immediately started working on another solution. In the meantime, we started delivering cars. We did not want to be delivering cars without Lighted Vanity Mirrors when our Specs page at said they would be present…so we changed the Specs page to accurately reflect there would be no Lighted Vanity Mirror in the sun visors.

We did the exact same thing with the Second Row Reading Lights. We removed them from the Specs page because we were working on another initiative that might impact what type of light we could use. Basically, we found a way to potentially add a few millimeters of additional headroom in the back seat. As part of that initiative, we didn’t know for sure if we would be able to use the same light fixture, or even the same type of reading light going forward…so we deleted it from the Specs page to be more accurate at that moment in time.

Both of these were temporary issues, and for those of you who have been following us for a while, you know how we operate. When something doesn’t meet our expectations, we dive right in to fix it. We work hard to find the best solution possible, then we implement it. We try to keep everyone as up to date as possible, but in today’s world, that sometimes causes problems for us from a communication standpoint. Nevertheless, we always feel as though it is better to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible, even if it makes things a little tougher for us from time to time.

You will soon see the addition of Second Row Reading Lights back on our Specs page. We have been able to accomplish what we set out to do with the rear seat headroom, and will be able to provide reading lights in the same place as originally planned. We focused first on the headroom adjustment because that is more complicated within the car itself, then we focused on the reading lights and placement. To avoid any further questions about what will happen next, let me be perfectly clear, there will be a few early cars delivered that do not have Second Row Reading Lights. We will be happy to install them in the future (at no charge, of course). The wires are already in place so this is not a major event.

You will not see the Lighted Vanity Mirrors back on the Specs page for a little while longer because we are still working on getting the form factor and functionality exactly the way we want. It will be lighted, it will have a mirror, and it can easily be retrofit into all cars. In fact, we will be encouraging everyone to get the retrofit.

So just to be clear, all cars that get delivered are set up to have reading lights in second row seats and Lighted Vanity Mirrors. Those that don't have the latest and greatest when they receive their car can have these items easily retrofitted at no additional cost.


I am getting great emails and videos from our first group of Model S owners and I can’t help but be entertained. Here is a link to one of my favorite videos from Konstantin, who received his car on June 22nd.

My favorite parts are at 1:39 and the ending...but that's because I love the unexpected. I love seeing this type of energy put into our cars. Thanks to all of you who have sent me photos and videos of you, your friends and your family with Model S.


July was a great month. We have now produced our first 50 cars and have our sights set to double that number in the next two to three weeks. The Get Amped Model S Tour is generating smiles and lots of opportunities for us to learn, and we are continually looking for ways to make Model S better. I look forward to getting new pictures and videos from many of you as we deliver more and more cars in August. We might even start a page on our website specifically for all these incredible photos and videos. Please keep them coming.

I'll stay in touch as we hit each new milestone and wrap up the Get Amped Model S Tour. It's going to be a great second half of the year!

Thanks for the smiles,


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