A Model X for a Sustainable Family

I first learned of Tesla in 2013. The Model S was gaining exposure as a sleek, sexy, and powerful sedan, reshaping what an electric car could be. While the car was cool, I’m not a car guy, I’m from Iowa, so the idea of driving a sedan or a sports car just isn't in my mindset. What if Tesla made a truck or even an SUV!?! Bam! 2015 came and so did the Model X in all its beauty. I remember my wife, Kelly, saying, “Shanon you will never believe this, I found a vehicle that has everything I want. It’s an SUV with 3rd row seating, a 5,000 pound towing capacity, rated as the safest SUV on the road by a long shot, and is 100% electric.” My response involved the name of a male cow. She then showed me the car and right then and there we knew we needed to make this happen.

Sustainability starts with innovation.

Kelly and I own a functional wellness company, called Experience Momentum, in Lynnwood, Washington and our mission is intertwined with creating sustainability in the lives of our clients as well as our community.

With so much of our lives spent traveling, exploring, and adventuring, buying the Model X was about marrying our lifestyle with an environmentally sound mode of transport. We love to ski, hike, camp, surf, and just be in nature. Whether we are road tripping to the beaches of Southern California or to the mountains of northern British Columbia, we’ve yet to feel stuck in our 100% electric rocket ship. If there was a vehicle that could make an environmental statement, this was it, and it could do everything we wanted and more. Pure innovation on wheels.

Why we joined the movement

Tesla represents the greatest shift in automotive innovation in my lifetime, making a huge step towards combating the realities of carbon emissions with auto travel. Our decision to purchase a Tesla was based on being part of this change, for creating awareness of renewable resources and energy, and being a change agent in our community. Our dollars speak and the more we, as consumers, invest in renewable energies, the more other corporations and governments will listen. We put our dollars in Tesla, as they have taken the leap into the future, seeking to create breakthroughs by way of fast, cool, sustainable, and renewable automotive travel.