Le Tesla Model X est le premier SUV à obtenir une note de 5 étoiles dans toutes les catégories du crash-test de la NHTSA

Nous avons conçu le Model X pour être le SUV le plus sûr au monde et aujourd’hui, l’Agence fédérale des États-Unis chargée de la sécurité routière (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - NHTSA) a annoncé, après avoir réalisé des essais indépendants, avoir octroyé une note de 5 étoiles à notre Model X dans chaque catégorie et sous-catégorie. Il s’agit du premier SUV à obtenir la note maximale à tous les niveaux. Mais les essais de la NHTSA ne s’arrêtent pas là : ils révèlent également que notre véhicule présente la plus faible probabilité de blessure parmi tous les SUV qu’elle a testés. En effet, parmi toutes les autres voitures jamais essayées par la NHTSA, le Model X arrive en deuxième position en ce qui concerne la probabilité de ne pas être blessé lors d’un incident, juste derrière notre Model S.

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Tesla Welcomes Gaby Toledano

We would like to welcome Gaby Toledano, who has joined Tesla as Chief People Officer, leading Human Resources and Facilities, reporting into Elon Musk. Gaby joins Tesla after 10 years on the Executive Team at Electronic Arts (EA), during a time of transformation and growth. Prior to EA, Gaby led Human Resources at Siebel Systems. She has also held HR leadership positions at both Microsoft and Oracle and currently sits on four technology boards.

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Creating the Safest Car Factory in the World

Earlier this year, the United Automobile Workers (UAW) announced it was attempting to organize workers in Tesla’s Fremont factory. The latest phase of their campaign involves a concerted and professional media push intended to raise questions about safety at Tesla.

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The Next Step in Energy Storage: Aggregation

Today, modern utilities and grid operators are utilizing battery technology like never before. The next step in tapping the potential of energy storage is putting together thousands of batteries to form an energy network that utilities can use to deliver immediate value for the electric system. Tesla can now bundle Powerwall and Powerpack batteries into a single portfolio, also called aggregation, to make the grid cleaner and more efficient. Meanwhile, Powerwall customers who allow Tesla and the utilities to use their battery when energy demand is highest will not only have home backup power, but will also receive compensation for its use on the grid.

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Solar Roof

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable energy future by creating products that are so compelling, there is no alternative. Solar energy has always been part of our master plan, and we recognized the need for a roof that is simultaneously affordable, durable, beautiful and integrated with battery storage.

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La recharge est une priorité

Alors que nous nous préparons à commercialiser notre premier modèle de grande série et que nous allons continuer à développer la flotte de Model S et de Model X, nous redoublons nos efforts pour accroître l’empreinte de nos réseaux de recharge. Il est extrêmement important pour nous et pour la réalisation de notre mission que nos solutions de recharge soient pratiques à utiliser, denses, fiables pour tous nos clients, actuels et futurs. En 2017, nous allons doubler la couverture du réseau Tesla, étendre les sites existants pour que nos clients n’aient jamais à attendre et accroître le nombre de sites de recharge en cœur de ville.

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Model S ou Model 3

Nous nous préparons à l’arrivée de la Model 3 en augmentant nos capacités de production, en développant notre réseau de recharge, en améliorant nos prestations de service, en ouvrant de nouvelles succursales et bien plus encore.

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CFO Jason Wheeler to Depart in April to Pursue Opportunities in Public Policy

Tesla today announced that CFO Jason Wheeler has decided to leave the company in April to pursue opportunities in public policy. Jason will be replaced by Deepak Ahuja, who was Tesla’s first CFO and worked for the company for more than seven years before stepping away in 2015. Deepak will formally take over as CFO in early March, with Jason remaining at Tesla through early April to ensure a smooth transition.

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Tesla’s Statement on NHTSA’s Report

At Tesla, the safety of our customers comes first, and we appreciate the thoroughness of NHTSA’s report and its conclusion.

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Building the Supercharger Network for the Future

Tesla created the Supercharger network to make long-distance travel a seamless experience for drivers. Cars have always represented independence and the freedom to travel wherever and whenever people want to go. To enable this freedom, building a charging network that provides quick, convenient, and long-distance travel is critical to the adoption of electric vehicles. One of our top priorities this year is to significantly increase capacity of our Supercharger network.

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