Premières livraisons de Model S à Hong Kong

Mercredi, des centaines de clients et de passionnés de Tesla se sont rassemblés au terminal croisière de Kai Tak à Hong Kong pour fêter l'arrivée de la première Model S équipée pour la conduite à droite en Asie. Jérôme Guillen, Vice-président Ventes et Service Monde était présent lors de la livraison des clés de huit Model S, pour présenter les deux premières stations de supercharge de Hong Kong.

"We could not be here without you,” Guillen told the crowd. “It is really meaningful and we appreciate your commitment to helping us with our goal, which is to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation."

Dennis Lo, a Tesla Roadster owner and one of the eight people to take delivery of a new Model S at the event, also spoke to the crowd, which included Hong Kong movie star and new Model S owner Alex Fong. “Tesla has completely redefined what an electric car can be, and what can be achieved with zero emissions,” Lo said.

Hong Kong’s first Superchargers are the latest and most advanced models and will soon be followed by a series of Supercharging locations throughout Hong Kong, allowing Model S owners to charge for free.

For more scenes and action from the event, watch this highlights video.

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