Désormais, la Model S a l'accent anglais

Nous avons sabré le champagne un samedi ensoleillé à Londres pour livrer les premières Model S avec volant à droite aux clients du Royaume-Uni. Le PDG de Tesla, Elon Musk, était présent à The Crystal, à l'est de Londres, pour remettre les clés aux cinq premiers propriétaires (dont l'auteur de Cinquante nuances de Grey E.L. James).

The event also marked the unveiling of the UK’s first Superchargers, located at the same site. We’re just beginning a rapid rollout of Superchargers in the country, but by the end of next year Model S owners will be able to drive the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland relying only on the free-to-use Superchargers for energy, which means they can pack a lunch for the trip and leave their wallets at home.

By the time the majority of our first UK customers get their Model S delivered this year, they’ll already be able to drive from Exeter in the south west of England to Edinburgh in Scotland just on Superchargers. We are also making sure that central London and other large metro areas are well served with conveniently located inner-city Superchargers

Not everyone could make it to London for the special occasion, so we put together this video of a large group of folks looking forward to a future without petrol. 

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