Electric at Any Age with Tesla Dublin

Tesla Dublin
6701 Amador Plaza Rd
Dublin, CA
18 juin

Tesla has partnered with Radio Flyer to usher in the next generation of electric vehicle owners. We’re excited to invite you to the launch of the newest addition to the Tesla family: the Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer.

At the event, your little one will have the chance to experience the Tesla Model S by Radio Flyer in our mini-test drive track alongside future owners and likeminded enthusiasts. Following their drive, we welcome you to join us in the store for light bites and Tesla talk.

With the exhilarating performance of a Tesla, the longest run time and fastest recharge time of any children’s electric vehicle, it’ll provide hours of playtime fun. And just like any Tesla, you can design your child’s Tesla with features such as a long range battery, premium paint finish in authentic Model S colors, personalized license plate, working headlights and more.

RSVP to the right to schedule a time for your little one to get behind the wheel. We look forward to seeing you there.