Tesla Store München

After months of preparation, Tesla Store München is now open and ready for business. We officially opened doors on 10 September. The all-electric Roadster is available for sale in continental Europe! Located at Blumenstrasse 17, the store serves as a hub for sales, deliveries, and service, and will further develop the sales and service network in German-speaking countries and Eastern Europe.

Nearly four hundred customers, fans, and journalists joined us for the Munich launch party. It was the biggest Roadster gathering in Europe to date, with two brand-new Roadster Sports and three additional Roadsters brought in from Amsterdam, Monaco, and Zurich. With so many cars on site, many of our guests saw firsthand that you don’t have to compromise speed or beauty for cutting edge technology!

Helping Tesla mark the occasion was Matthias Willenbacher and Roland Grosse of JUWI, one of the world’s leading companies in the renewable energy sector, and the owners of the orange Tesla Roadster Sport on display at the party. A few days earlier, Willenbacher and Grosse had won the Clean Tech Media Award for Sustainability for their new head office in Wörrstadt, officially titled, "The Most Energy Efficient Office Building on Earth." We were happy to deliver the very first Munich Tesla to them the day after the award.

Munich utility Stadtwerke München (SWM) added further cause for celebration with the unveilling of the first public charging station on the corner of Blumerstrasse and Theklastrasse. Supplying 100 percent green energy, this charging point is a wonderful example of what is possible and what is to come. Critical infrastructure additions like this one will help spur the widespread use of electric cars. SWM has been a supporter of Tesla and are now coordinating projects to help the Bavarian capital become the leading city for sustainable electric transport.

A special thank you goes to Dr. Bieberbach, CFO of SWM, and Hep Monatzeder, 3rd Mayor of Munich, for their tremendous support through the opening of our first store in mainland Europe. Finally and especially, a big thank you to all our customers. You have been instrumental in helping us establish a market for our electric car and initiate a new era in the history of the automobile. You are a pioneer and a visionary.

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