A Birthday Surprise

I’d like to share my recent experience with Tesla’s service center in Rocklin, CA. But first a little history.

A little over three years ago, for our 20th Anniversary, my husband gave me a reservation for a Model S. I’d been following Tesla for some time and really wanted one but he was hesitant. After completing the reservation (#P3802), he contacted Tesla and asked if there was something “tangible” he could get for me since there were no cars at that time to even go and see. Tesla stepped up to the plate and sent a gift box with a hat, T-shirt, Matchbox Roadster, coffee mug and water bottle! I was stunned by Tesla’s generosity and was growing to be an even bigger fan with each experience. My husband was a little more reticent and was still wondering whether we would even see a car in person back then. Needless, to say, the rest is history!

Fast forward, to 14 blissful months and more than 20,000 miles later. We are now crazy in love with our Model S and can’t wait to see what’s next. I recently had an appointment for my titanium plate retrofit and tire rotation. I walked in with my husband and was met by the service manager, who promptly took my car back to be worked on. The other product specialists at the Rocklin location were kind of leaning around looking at me with smiles.

Charlie asked if my name was Laura. I responded yes and was told there was something there for me. To make a long story short, my husband and the Rocklin team “gave me a reservation” for a Model X. My husband had contacted them and they had flowers, music (The Carpenters’ “We’ve Only Just Begun”), hat, key chain, a folder with my page printed out with a big bow on it, and great big grins.

I am constantly amazed at the service and attention to detail that Tesla demonstrates. They even practiced with Daniel playing me and walking in and acting surprised, and they were texting with my hubby five minutes before we arrived so they could be prepared. All I can say is wow!

So, after 20,000 miles, my husband is finally ready to ditch his Ford Expedition and buy a Model X (RN952188, #8928). We can’t wait! Thank you again for being the disruptive company you are. You are changing the automotive world.

Laura Odenthal