My One Car For Everything

I’ve only had my Tesla for about 6 days, but it has already changed everything for me.

I’m a single dad with a 3 year old that I’ve been taking care of since the day she was born. I’m also an Independent Communications Consultant, which means that I’m on the road a lot traveling from one client to the other. So every day tends to look something like this:

08:00AM: Drive 28 miles to drop my daughter off at her school in the city
08:30AM: Drive 25 miles to my first appointment
11:00AM: Drive 13 miles to my second appointment
02:00PM: Drive 19 miles to my third appointment
04:00PM: Drive 8 miles to pickup my Daughter from school
04:30PM: Drive 28 miles home

Total miles driven: 121

Now that’s an average day. But I’ve had days where I have driven well over 250 miles.

Before the Tesla, I had to have two cars; a 2000 Honda Insight for commuting to clients and a 2012 Honda Accord to get my daughter around. I hated having two cars, but between my tools and my daughter's things (stroller, sand toys, etc) I couldn’t fit it all in one car. What I needed was a car that had amazing fuel efficiency AND lots of room.

After test driving every Hybrid and Electric car on the market I found myself incredibly frustrated at the lack of room and range that those cars offered. So I started looking at SUVs which have lots of room, but such horrible fuel efficiency that I couldn’t make it practical for work. It was at that point that I ran across an advertisement for the Model S.

I was skeptical at first, but I did my research and the more I learned the more I realized that this was the car I was looking for. It had all the energy efficiency, the range, and the room that I was looking for. Now that I have the car, I can’t imagine a world without it. I keep all my work tools in the front trunk, and I keep the sand toys and stroller in the rear trunk.

Last year I spent (on average) $548.04 a month on gas. I’ve already driven 1,044 miles in my Tesla, and its only cost me $34.84 (Public Charging $7.50 + Home Charging $27.34 = $34.84). If I had driven that may miles in my old car, I would of spent $209.60 in gas. The saving are just amazing! I love not having to stop for gas anymore. So much so, that I kept the receipt from the last time I filled up and fully intend to frame it.

I also have no range anxiety whatsoever. If I’m ever going to get low on juice, its going to be at the end of the day when I pick my daughter up from school. The good news (for her) is that her favorite after school play gym has two free charging stations. So if I’m low, we’ll stop off for an hour or two of play then head home. I love it!

The premium lighting is also a huge plus. Every time my daughter would fall asleep in the Accord, the center console light would shine in her face and wake her up. I would have to remember to turn it off which would sometimes make matters worse. Without the center console light I would have to rely on an external light source that often times wasn’t there, which meant that I couldn’t see what I was doing half the time, lol. With the ambient lighting, I never have to worry about not having enough light or waking my little one up.

I could go on forever. But what an incredible car! Thank you!

- Alexander Hales