Charging our way through Northern Italy

Jussi Mori, 29 giugno 2016

Plan a test drive Zero emissioni. Zero compromessi.

Our family has owned a Tesla Model S P85D since December 4th, 2015. It is our only family car. As a family of three with a small child, we’re in dire need of a lot of space to move around people and goods. In May 2016 we decided to go on a road trip through Northern Italy. While having only driven on Swiss roads, the idea of a longer trip was very exciting to our family. Our plan was to spend three days in three different destinations.

The route

To the Coast of Liguria

We kicked off our trip in Zurich and drove South on a beautiful mountain pass called Lukmanier. Our first Supercharger stop was at the Maienfeld Supercharger. We charged up to 90%, more than enough to take us over the pass for our next charge at the Supercharger in Monte Ceneri in the canton of Tessin where we had a quick lunch. At Monte Ceneri we charged to about 80% and continued our trip South towards the coast. Our next charging stop was at Dorno Autogrill. We had enough charge to reach the Supercharger in Varazze, but we were hungry so we needed to stop anyway. From Dorno we continued our trip to our first destination South of Savona where we arrived with about 25% of charge left.

The next day we visited the Supercharger in Varazze which is a great location to have dinner and do some sightseeing around the Village of Varazze.

Next stop: Tuscany

We stayed at the Ecolodge Il Paluffo in the Tuscany region, close to Florence, which offered a Tesla Destination Charger. This was extremely convenient during our stay. We took several road trips around the region, always having a 90% charge in the morning at our disposal. One day we drove to a Shopping Mall North of Florence and the other day we did a medieval town and castle tour.

Destination Charger at Ecolodge II Paluffo

Puffalo Region

On to Garda Lake

After our marvellous time in Tuscany we drove to our last destination Southwest of the Garda Lake. Thanks to the Tesla Destination Charger we left with a full charge and had our first charging stop at the Supercharger Campogalliano Best Western Hotel, where we enjoyed an excellent lunch. We charged again up to 90% which brought us nicely to our destination at the Garda Lake. Around Garda we charged mostly at the Supercharger in Affi, which was about 50km away from our hotel.

The shores from our hotel at Garda Lake

After our Stay in Garda we drove back home, through the pass road of Brenner, where we had our first charging stop and then on the Austrian motorway back to Switzerland. The 90% charge at Brenner was more than enough to bring us home to the Zurich area.

All in all, it was an excellent holiday with absolutely no problems with the car or the range. Of course one takes the route according to Supercharger locations but these are the fastest routes anyway. I look forward to many more Tesla Destination Chargers for our future road trips.

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