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La Sicurezza di una Garanzia

Considerando che in molti mercati Europei molti clienti preferiscono finanziare o noleggiare l’auto, come privati o come aziende, ora offriamo un programma di finanziamento Garanzia del Valore di Rivendita in tutti gli 11 paesi in Europa in cui è possibile acquistare una Model S.

Il programma di Garanzia del Valore di Rivendita, combinato con un finanziamento o con un leasing finanziario da uno dei nostri partner selezionati, combina la convenienza della proprietà con tutti i vantaggi del leasing. 

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Significantly Improved Leasing for a Tesla with US Bank

Tesla is pleased to announce that US Bank, which has a much lower cost of capital than us, is now offering very compelling leasing for Tesla buyers in the United States. This will lower monthly lease payments by as much as 25% on a new Model S. Detailed info here.

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Tesla Business Leasing

A year ago, Tesla introduced a Resale Value Guarantee that gives customers the option to return their Model S after three years for a known value. When combined with a car loan provided by Tesla’s banking partners, this program gives customers the functional equivalent of a lease – and, because they own the car, they also get the benefit of the $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit. Many of our customers have chosen to take advantage of the Resale Value Guarantee.

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Tesla Motors and Athlon Car Lease announce electric vehicle leasing program in Europe

ALMERE, Netherlands - Tesla Motors and Athlon Car Lease have reached agreement to establish a lease program for the Tesla Roadster and the Roadster Sport in Europe. Aimed at making electric vehicles more easily available and affordable for companies, the program will help advance e-mobility in six of the top EU vehicle markets. The companies intend to expand their relationship to include the Tesla Model S to prepare for its European introduction in late 2012.

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