Model S has arrived in Macao 備受讚譽的純電動車 Model S 正式登陸澳門

澳門 Macao
澳門 Macao, Macau
14 dicembre31 dicembre
By Request

立即試駕備受讚譽的純電動車 Model S。

與傳統內燃汽車不同,Tesla 並非運用簡單的機械軸連接前後,而是在前後各設一個摩打,令 Model S 能靈活地在毫秒間將扭矩由前方轉移至後方,有效地提供比機械連結更精準的數碼牽引力指示。 Model S 能在僅僅 2.7 秒,由靜止起步至時速 100 公里,毫無滯後,滴油不消。

立即填寫簡單資料安排試駕,我們稍後將會有專人聯絡並會在你門前安排試駕立即親身體驗備受讚譽的全球首款高級電動房車―Model S。

Our updated Model S brings a refreshed look, and a variety of new features to further complement our industry-leading safety and performance. 

Schedule your test drive now by listing your preferred test drive date and time at the comment box. Our representative will contact your shortly and the Model S will be ready at your doorsteps.


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