A Tesla Moment

妻と私は、メルセデスE350のリースが終了してから、ずっと電気自動車が欲しいと考えていました。私たちは実際に高級な電気自動車を検討していました。ある程度調べた後に、テスラのModel Sが唯一の選択肢であることが分かったので、試乗に出かけることになりました。試乗を終えると、私たちは悩むことなく、この車の購入を決断しました。それはすばらしい体験でした。


Yesterday when I was driving on a very small street called when I saw another Tesla Model S coming from the other side. I have been seeing many Model S on freeways and in posh areas, but two Teslas on a small street was really a Tesla moment. I was so glad to see the other car thinking that people really started to believe in this car and it also supported my decision to buy this car. I was almost about to take my hand out and wave to this person in the other Tesla car and say Good Choice but I guess we don’t solicit like this while driving so I just kept quiet. This was a true Tesla moment for me.

Rishi Kabra


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