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오늘, 우리의 제품과 기업 운영이 환경과 지역 사회에 미치는 영향을 측정한 첫 영향보고서(Impact Report)를 발행합니다. 우리는 전 세계가 무 배출(zero-emission) 미래로 더 빨리 도달할수록 더 좋을 것이라고 믿습니다. 따라서 우리는 온실가스 배출량(greenhouse gas footprint)을 최소화하기 위해 열심히 노력하며, 우리 직원들과 지역사회에 투자를 하고 있습니다. 우리는 앞으로의 보고서에서 더 많은 진전을 공유할 것을 기대합니다.

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Introducing a More Seamless Navigate on Autopilot

Since we first introduced Navigate on Autopilot last year, Tesla drivers have traveled more than 66 million miles using the feature, and more than 9 million suggested lane changes have been successfully executed with the feature in use. We’ve heard from our customers that it makes road trips and highway driving more relaxing, enjoyable and fun, and gives them an easy way to follow their car’s navigation guidance when traveling on an unfamiliar route.

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Tesla의 새로운 고객 리퍼럴 프로그램

2008년 로드스터가 출시된 이후로 고객 리퍼럴은 우리 성장에 중요한 부분이었습니다. 그 이래로, 우리 고객들의 차량에 대한 열정은 미국에서 Model 3가 가장 잘 팔리는 럭셔리 자동차이자 작년 세계에서 가장 잘 팔리는 전기차가 되도록 도왔습니다. 우리는 고객들이 리퍼럴 프로그램이 친구들에게 Tesla를 좋아하는 이유 중 하나라고 이야기한다고 들었고, 그래서 오늘 우리는 고객들이 그들의 자동차에 대해 어떤 점을 사랑하는지를 공유할 수 있도록 새로운 리퍼럴 프로그램을 소개합니다.

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Tesla 스토어와 가격 책정 업데이트

지난달, 우리는 고객에게 혜택을 전하기 위해 다수의 스토어를 폐쇄하고 온라인으로 만의 판매를 발표했습니다.

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Introducing V3 Supercharging

Tesla has more than 12,000 Superchargers across North America, Europe, and Asia and our network continues to grow daily: more than 99% of the U.S. population is covered by the network, and we anticipate similar coverage in Europe by the end of 2019. Recently, we passed 90% population coverage in China and are growing that number quickly. However, in order to drive continued electric vehicle adoption and further accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, charging needs to be even faster, and the number of vehicles able to charge at a location in a day needs to be significantly higher. Today, we’re unveiling V3 Supercharging, the next step in the growth of Tesla’s Supercharger network. V3, which is born from our experience building the world’s largest grid-connected batteries, enables our vehicles to charge faster than any other electric vehicle on the market today.

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$35,000 가격대의 Tesla Model 3를 선보이다

우리는 주행 거리 220마일, 최고 속도 130mph, 0-60mph 5.6초의 Model 3가 $35,000 가격대에 선보이게 되어 매우 기쁩니다! 가격이 낮음에도 불구하고, longer-ranged 버전과 같이 미국 정부가 테스트한 어느 차량보다 탑승자 상해 확률이 가장 낮은 5-스타 안전 등급을 받았습니다.

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경비 모드: 당신의 Tesla를 보호하는 것

연방 정부 통계에 따르면, 2017년 미국에서 40.8초마다 차량 절도 또는 절도 시도가 일어나는 것으로 예측되었습니다 – 그리고 그것은 전국의 엄청난 숫자의 차량 침입은 포함조차 하지 않은 수치입니다. 우리 차량의 보안을 높이고 소비자 마음의 평안을 위해서, 오늘 우리는 새로운 보호 장치를 공개합니다. 차량 침입과 절도로부터 보호하기 위한 - 경비 모드 - 입니다.

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Company Update

This morning, the following email was sent to all Tesla employees:

As we all experienced first-hand, last year was the most challenging in Tesla’s history. However, thanks to your efforts, 2018 was also the most successful year in Tesla’s history: we delivered almost as many cars as we did in all of 2017 in the last quarter alone and nearly as many cars last year as we did in all the prior years of Tesla’s existence combined! Model 3 also became the best-selling premium vehicle of 2018 in the US. This is truly remarkable and something that few thought possible just a short time ago.

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Tesla Welcomes Larry Ellison and Kathleen Wilson-Thompson as New Independent Directors To Its Board

We are excited to announce that Larry Ellison and Kathleen Wilson-Thompson have joined Tesla’s Board of Directors. Each joined the board as an independent director, effective December 27th, 2018.

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Full $7,500 Federal EV Tax Credit Expires in Under Two Weeks

The full $7,500 federal tax credit for Tesla customers ends in less than two weeks, and we’re doing everything we can to try to ensure those who order a vehicle today can take delivery by December 31st and take advantage of the savings. To help ensure vehicles are available, we’ve released all our fleet vehicles – like those used for test drives – and vehicles where the original customer can’t take delivery by the end of the year. Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy – and to do that, we need to get as many electric vehicles on the road as quickly as possible, which is why we are working around the clock to meet demand before the end of the year.

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