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Revealing Model S Beta

Tesla recently unveiled the Model S Beta and opened the Tesla Factory to about 3,000 reservation holders and guests. Closely approximating the fit, finish and performance of the production Model S coming out next year, the Betas showed off the vehicle’s special features, from the 17” touchscreen to the massive panoramic roof to the voice-command audio system and more. 

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A very special Roadster owner buys a very special second car



Almost four years ago, while I was surfing the web, I discovered a relatively unknown startup company with the keen aim to build a fully electric sports car.   I loved that idea from the first second. When I read the key figures I was totally convinced.

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Pedal to the Metal... It’s a Sprint to the Finish!

Easter Monday 2010 saw the first official motor race that included Electric Vehicles in the UK. Held at the Historic Goodwood Circuit, Tesla Motors became the world’s first electric vehicle manufacturer to enter competitive motorsport in the UK. Earlier this year, the UK’s motorsport governing body, the Motor Sport Association, assessed the performance and safety criteria for electric vehicles competing in UK Motorsport. Finally, motor racing clubs could create competing classes for EVs.

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Northern California Roadster Record!

Roadster owners are a fascinating group of people with varied backgrounds and great stories to tell. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many of them over the past year delivering cars from our Menlo Park store. After rejoining our headquarters Customer Service team, it’s the daily interaction with our owners I miss most. When asked to help host the March 21st Road Rally for local customers, I didn’t hesitate.

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The First Charge of an Epic Odyssey

The Swiss are known for their timepieces and punctuality, but I was surprised to see so many arrive so early on March 20th at the Muensterplatz in Basel, Switzerland for the first leg of The Odyssey of Pioneers. “We couldn’t wait for the beginning of the Road Rally. We were so excited to meet the other customers and see their Roadsters!” I heard many times.

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Living in the Future

They say time-travel is impossible.

I know, I know, “Star Trek”, “Men in Black”... I mean, for real!

But time is a relative thing. And, as Robert Lamm wrote and the band Chicago sang, “Does anybody really know what time it is?”

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A Talk with Engineering TV

At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit Tesla had many stories to tell. We displayed three cars, each representing a facet of the Tesla story. VIN 1000 embodied a significant production milestone. The Road Trip Roadster, filthy from its drive to Detroit, was a testament to the durability and toughness of our technology. The Model S symbolized Tesla’s future – the ruby red car dazzled media, fans, and industry leaders alike.

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NAIAS 2010 Preview

Check out what rolled into Motown last week!

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Driving for Change at COP15

Roadster at Hopenhagen Tesla spent two weeks in Copenhagen for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Dec 7 to Dec 18. We spread the word about Tesla Motors to climate change experts, policymakers, journalists, and fans. We decided to exhibit the Roadsters on the streets of "Hopenhagen". We wanted to demonstrate that zero emissions vehicles are a reality, and show that the Roadster is capable of driving in severe weather conditions – snow, rain and freezing temperatures.

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Tesla Receives a Royal Welcome as it Opens Monaco Store

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