Senior Power Electronics Product Engineer – Energy Products

Senior Power Electronics Product Engineer – Energy Products

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Engineering & Information Technology
Palo Alto, California
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The Role

Tesla is committed to having industry-leading uptime in our deployed fleet of grid storage batteries. We are using data collected from our connected systems to find problems before the customer does. The Tesla Energy Product team is looking to hire a power electronics product engineer to identify and root cause design, process, or firmware failures in our fleet of energy storage systems. We are striving to achieve product quality many multiples better than current industry standard for power electronics and person in this role would play a central role in achieving that.

This person will work with a cross-functional team of engineers to troubleshoot and diagnose malfunctioning power converters, digital control systems, heating and cooling systems inside Tesla’s energy storage products. They would then lead the effort to devise and deploy necessary corrective actions ranging from firmware changes, hardware design changes, manufacturing process or installation process changes, etc. to prevent failures from reoccurring.  


  • Troubleshoot and root cause product field failures of in-house developed DCAC, DCDC power converters – including but not limited to physical inspection and testing of failed units, reviewing data logs and correlating with product specifications to compare against expected behavior, reviewing manufacturing and installation processes for cause of failure.
  • Develop and run data queries on fleet logs from thousands of units to correlate failures to physical environmental conditions, system state, install region and other relevant parameters
  • Work with the engineering and manufacturing teams to drive design and manufacturing changes to improve product quality in both existing and future products
  • Define data signatures that uniquely identify the failure and lead integration of this knowledge into algorithms to automatically identify similar other failures in the field
  • Provide support on escalated customer cases in order to minimize system downtime, through day to day coverage of internationally distributed service cases

Must have requirements

  • BS in electrical engineering with minimum 5 years or experience or MS degree with 3 years with specialization in power electronics, power converters, digital control systems, embedded systems or equivalent practical experience
  • Experience using Python or similar for data analysis
  • Strong engineering fundamentals and intuition, applied to firmware/software-enabled mechatronic systems
  • Excellent oral, written communication and collaborative skills
  • An ability to prioritize and execute many tasks in parallel.  An excellent attention to detail and an ability to produce clear and concise written documents and diagrams
Nice to have requirements

  • ·       Experience with battery, solar or inverter systems a plus but not required

Work travel is expected to be about 10% in this job. This would include traveling to customer sites, our manufacturing facilities, etc.

Tesla 소개

Tesla는 지속 가능한 에너지로의 세계적 전환을 가속화하기 위해 힘쓰고 있으며, 세계 최고의 태양에너지 기술, 에너지 스토리지 시스템, 전기차를 설계, 제조, 판매 및 서비스함으로서 고객이 에너지를 전체적으로 적절하게 생성, 저장 및 소비할 수 있도록 합니다.

또한 Tesla는 전 세계에 걸쳐 각 분야의 최고 인재를 채용하고 계발시키는 데 주력합니다. 캘리포니아에 본사를 두고 있는 Tesla에는 4개 대륙 출신의 인재들이 고용되어 있습니다. Tesla는 모든 사람이 성별, 인종, 종교 또는 배경에 관계 없이 최상의 능력을 발휘할 수 있는 포용적 환경을 구축하기 위해서 노력합니다.

저희 Tesla에 있는 세계적 수준의 팀들은 부문간 협력이라는 비전통적 철학에 따라 업무를 수행하며, 각 팀원들이 도전하고, 도전받고, 창조하고, 혁신을 거듭하기를 기대합니다. Tesla는 세계에서 가장 어렵고도 중요한 문제들과 씨름하고 있습니다. 따라서 더 나은 세상을 만들고자 하는 하나된 열정이 없이는 성공할 수 없을 것입니다.

Tesla에 대해 자세히 알아보기

Tesla는 직장 내의 다양성을 추구하며, 균등한 기회를 제공하고, 적극적 고용개선조치를 실행하는 고용주입니다. 자격을 갖춘 모든 지원자는 인종, 피부색, 종교, 성별, 성적 지향, 나이, 국적, 장애, 군복무, 성 정체성 또는 해당 연방, 주 또는 지방 법률로 보호되는 기타 요인들에 의한 영향 없이 고용 심사를 받습니다.