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Tesla Store München

After months of preparation, Tesla Store München is now open and ready for business. We officially opened doors on 10 September. The all-electric Roadster is available for sale in continental Europe! Located at Blumenstrasse 17, the store serves as a hub for sales, deliveries, and service, and will further develop the sales and service network in German-speaking countries and Eastern Europe.

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Inaugural Tesla Roadster Rally

The idea was simple: Celebrate the one-year anniversary of Tesla’s first showroom with a “Roadster Rally” and say thank you to customers in Southern California, our largest regional market.

We didn’t realize we’d get such an overwhelming response!

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President's Day with a President

Thanks to an invitation from one of our early investors, I found myself spending Presidents Day at a round-table luncheon with former President Bill Clinton with a Sterling Silver Tesla Roadster Parked directly behind us. The round-table luncheon took place in Burbank, Calif., at the only LEED platinum-certified airplane hangar in the world.

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Beyond Walter Mitty: Living a Dream as the 100th Delivery

Sam Perry is president of Silicon Valley startup consultancy Ascendance Ventures and a member of E2 – Environmental Entrepreneurs, the national independent business voice for the environment.

Sam gained fame last month after an intimate encounter with Oprah Winfrey was broadcast around the globe. Sam was caught in cameras standing next to the talk show icon in Chicago’s Grant Park on Nov. 4, when Oprah wept on Sam’s shoulder during Obama’s victory speech.

Several weeks later, Sam became the 100th person to take delivery of a Tesla Roadster. The company marked this important milestone with a Dec. 9 news conference at its Menlo Park, Calif., flagship store.

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Feel the Heat: Tesla Roadshow hits Miami during Art Basel

After departing the frozen tundra of New York City, the Tesla Roadshow migrated south to Miami, Fla. We have more than 60 customers in Florida, including many people who had purchased a Roadster sight unseen, and it was high time they became intimately familiar with the car and Powertrain 1.5.

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Gordon Brown meets the Roadster

While U.S. Republicans and Democrats were fighting it out across the pond in late October, VP19 was busy creating its own political agenda in the United Kingdom.

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Drag-racing in the Roadster: A first-person account

Tesla engineers have been keenly focused for some time on the 1.5 powertrain, which we have been testing extensively both on roads and at closed facilities. We have our own data collection kit, but we wanted to see what sort of performance figures we would get from a public track.

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Seattle Roadshow Storms Pacific Northwest

Nine Tesla employees stormed Seattle last weekend on a four-day sales and marketing blitz. The trip was a great success – not only for 80 customers and media who got to drive the car but for those of us at Tesla scouting the perfect location for a Seattle-area store, which we are planning to open in the first half of 2009.

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Tesla Impresses in Scandinavia

One hectic week in June was all it took for the Tesla Roadster to make a lasting impression in northern Europe.

First stop was Norway where the environmental organization Bellona had invited Tesla Motors to show the roadster to European VIP’s at the C8 Climate Summit. The interest was overwhelming and VIPs like the former Norwegian PM Gro Harlem Brundland, international environmentalist Fredric Hauge and a number of CEO’s from the major oil companies took the roadster for an enjoyable spin.

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Le Roadster Tesla sous les sunlights de la Côte d’Azur

Suite à l’annonce de la commission de Bruxelles de faciliter l’homologation pour l’Union Européenne des voitures produites en petite série en 2009, nous avons donc décidé d’accélérer la commercialisation de notre Roadster sur le Vieux Continent.

Pour se faire et vu la concordance de temps, nous avons donc choisi comme terrain de présentation de notre sportive d’un nouveau genre le Festival de Cannes et le Grand Prix de Formule 1 de Monaco.

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