The Electric Road Trip: Join Us to Celebrate in Burlington

Burlington Country Club
568 S Prospect Street
Burlington, VT
July 22
4pm - 6pm

Together, Tesla owners have driven over two billion miles without a drop of gas. Every mile you drive in your Tesla is fostering change, and we couldn’t have achieved this amazing milestone without you.

To continue to amplify the electric revolution, we will be embarking on a three-month Electric Road Trip around the world, showcasing the uncompromised capabilities of Model S and Model X to new communities of enthusiasts.

Please join us as we stop through Burlington for an Open House celebration to toast the journey to two billion. Hosted at one of our partner locations, you’ll have the opportunity to swap stories and share your favorite road trip experiences with fellow Tesla owners and like-minded fans. Whether your Tesla will take you to the mountains, the city or the coast this summer, every mile counts as we kick off the collective journey to the next billion.

Bring friends, family and referrals to the event, and enjoy locally curated bites, drinks and great company.

Please RSVP to secure your entry. To find out more about our Electric Road Trip, click here:

We look forward to seeing you there.