Theater, Arcade, and Toybox


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Entertainment options may vary depending on market region, date of manufacture, and vehicle configuration.
Theater: Play various video streaming services (such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc.) while parked. Available only if Model S is connected to WiFi, or is equipped with premium connectivity and a cellular signal is available.
Arcade: Want to game? You may need to use the steering wheel buttons or a Bluetooth or USB controller to play. See Gaming Controllers.
Toybox: Play in the Toybox while parked.
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Use these features only when Model S is parked. Always pay attention to road and traffic conditions when driving. Using these features while driving is illegal and very dangerous.
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You can also use voice commands to access these features (see Voice Commands).


Your vehicle's toybox includes features that can be fun to use. Here's an example of the types of features you can find in Toybox:

Select This... To Do This...
007 (air suspension vehicles only) You are no longer a "Driver", you're a "Diver"! Touch Controls > Suspension to change your depth.
Boombox If Model S is equipped with a Pedestrian Warning System, delight pedestrians with a variety of sounds from your vehicle's external speaker while in Park. See Boombox for more details.
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Check local laws before using Boombox in public areas.
Emissions Fun can come in surprising ways. Select your preferred fart style and target seat. Use your turn signal or press the left scroll wheel when you’re ready to “release” your prank. For those lucky vehicles equipped with a Pedestrian Warning System, you can choose to broadcast externally when your vehicle is parked. But wait-- the fun doesn't stop there! Use the mobile app to conduct remote emissions testing by touching and holding any of the four quick control buttons and selecting the fart button.
Light Show Park outside, turn the volume up, roll down your windows, then enjoy the show. Schedule the light show for a future time and customize the song to surprise your loved ones.
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Light show should not be used when parked on or near public roads. Doing so can be distracting to other road users. Before activating, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the use of light show complies with local laws and regulations.
Ludicrous Speed (P100D vehicles only) Press and hold the Ludicrous setting (touch Controls > Pedals & Steering > Acceleration > Ludicrous) for approximately five seconds. Touch Yes, bring it on! if you want to go fast. To display power and acceleration readings on the instrument panel, press either scroll button briefly until the available options are displayed. Then, roll the scroll button to highlight Readout then press the scroll button again.
Mars The map shows your Model S as a rover on the Martian landscape, and the About Your Tesla box displays SpaceX's interplanetary spaceship.
Rainbow Charge Port When Model S is locked and charging, press the button on the mobile connector ten times in quick succession. Neat, huh?
Rainbow Road Need more cowbell? Visit Rainbow Road by pulling the Autopilot stalk toward you four times in quick succession while Autosteer is enabled.
Romance You can’t roast chestnuts by an open fire in your car, but you can still cozy up with your loved ones by this virtual fireplace. Cue the music and get your romance on!
Sketchpad Channel your inner Picasso. Show us what you got! Touch Publish to submit your artistic compositions to Tesla for critiquing.
TRAX It's never too late to follow your dream of becoming a world-famous DJ. With TRAX, you can turn your vehicle into your own personal music studio. While in Park, choose from an array of instruments and unique sounds to create the next hit song. Microphone and headset are not included.
The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything Rename your vehicle to 42 (touch Controls > Software and touch the vehicle's name). Notice the new name.
Car Colorizer (if equipped) Change the color of your Model S on the touchscreen. Touch the color swatch next to the vehicle name and customize the exterior color, tone, and more.


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Boombox is available only on vehicles equipped with the Pedestrian Warning System (PWS).
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Check local laws before using Boombox in public places.

Using Boombox, you can play sound externally through the Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) speaker when Model S is in Park. For example:

  • Play current media.
  • Use Megaphone to project a modulated version of your voice.
  • Press the horn to play the first five seconds of any sound from a compatible USB device.
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If Camp mode is enabled in Climate Controls, you can exit the vehicle and use the Tesla app to control the volume.

Prepare a USB drive for Boombox

Follow these steps to add up to five custom Boombox sounds:

  1. On a computer, format a USB drive to exFAT, MS-DOS FAT (for Mac), ext3, or ext4 (NTFS is currently not supported).
  2. Create a folder on the USB drive called Boombox.
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    The USB drive can only contain one folder. For example, it cannot be shared with Dashcam.
  3. Add .wav and .mp3 audio files to the folder. Although you can add as many files as the USB drive's capacity allows, you can only select from the first five, as listed alphabetically. File names, of any length, can contain upper or lower case alpha characters (a-z/A-Z), numbers from 0-9, periods (.), a dashes (-), and underscores (_).
  4. Plug the USB drive into a front USB port.
  5. Choose a sound from the USB drive by selecting from the Boombox dropdown menu.

Uninstall Games

Uninstalling games is useful if you want to free up your vehicle's onboard storage. To uninstall a game, navigate to Arcade, select the game you wish to uninstall, then touching Uninstall. Once you uninstall a game, you must download it before you can play the game again.

Gaming Controllers

You can pair Bluetooth Classic gaming controllers to Model S by following the same steps as pairing your phone (see Phone, Calendar, and Web Conferencing). After pairing, the controller automatically connects to the vehicle. Once connected, you can use the controller to play select games. Model S supports up to two Bluetooth devices at a time (such as two controllers, or one phone and one controller).

For vehicles manufactured prior to approximately November 1, 2021, you can connect USB-compatible game controllers to the front USB ports in the vehicle's center console. For vehicles manufactured after approximately November 1, 2021, you must use the glovebox USB port.