Active Spoiler

Model X has a rear spoiler designed to improve aerodynamics. If Model X is equipped with the active spoiler, the position of the spoiler can vary depending on the status and speed of Model X:

  • When Model X is in Reverse or when driving speed is below 16 km/h, the spoiler provides maximum visibility behind Model X.
  • When driving speed exceeds 72 km/h, the spoiler lowers to the position that provides the most effective aerodynamics.
  • When Model X is powered off and locked, the spoiler retracts.

To allow the spoiler to automatically move as described above, touch Controls > Service > Spoiler Mode > Automatic. To disable automatic movement of the spoiler and keep it in its extended position, choose the Extended setting.

Informational PurposesAn informational icon, calling your attention
If the spoiler can not automatically lower or raise, the instrument panel displays an alert. Contact Tesla Service.