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A Snapshot of the Electric Car on the Electric Grid

The Tesla Roadster goes more than 200 miles (380 km) on a single charge. The average person drives about 40 miles (60km) in a day. This leaves a range of about 160 miles (257km) after an average day of driving in a Tesla Roadster. Meaning that at the end of the day when a Roadster is plugged in to be charged up, it is really only to top off the battery.

Why is this significant?

It is important to understand the amount of energy a battery draws when charging and how this affects the electricity grid.

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The Teslaficionados

For 20+ years, Eric has lived his dream in the Visual Effects industry. It wasn't until he rode in a Roadster at its Santa Monica debut that he found a new passion. Eric is co-founder of Tesla owner's Socal Greenspeed Club and thinks the future is electric.

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rEVenge for the rest of us

Stefano Durdic is a serial entrepreneur based in Lombard, Illinois. The Chicago Tribune recently described him as an electric car evangelist. He prefers “EVangelist.”

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Roadster Efficiency and Range

With more than 100 Roadsters delivered to customers so far and more on the road each week, it’s natural for some customers to run “experiments” on them. Because we have such an entrepreneurial and highly technical customer base, many of these experiments are quite detailed and attempt to answer questions that we have in some cases never discussed publicly.

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From the Factory to Our Garage

In October, Stephen Casner and his wife Karen toured the Lotus factory in England as their Roadster rolled off the assembly line. They took delivery at the Menlo Park store three weeks later. Stephen, who has written several other blogs about Tesla, describes the tour and his first impressions with the car.

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Weighty Matters Involving Electrons

Have you ever wondered how much the electrons that power our car weigh?

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Flying the Glider: Roadster Owner Ken Jacobs Tours Assembly Plant and Test Track

Ken Jacobs was one of the first employees at the relational database pioneer Oracle Corporation. He and his wife Margaret are thrilled to be early adopters and advocates for the pioneering Tesla, the car and the company.

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An Engineering Update on Powertrain 1.5

It has been several months since we have shared any progress updates on our powertrain development work and in particular how the “powertrain 1.5” program is progressing for the Roadster.

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Mythbusters Part 3: Recycling our Non-Toxic Battery Packs

As I make presentations at various conferences regarding our battery pack, or Energy Storage System (ESS), I’m often asked the question ”Isn’t the battery pack toxic” and whether or not it can be disposed of safely. To reach a wider audience, I thought it best to address these questions in our blog.



The Spin Stops Here

Two weeks ago, I highlighted how Tesla moved from waves to bits in our motor and charge controller in the PEM. You might have left with the impression that as of June 2007, when the DMC replaced the analog controller, our work as DMC firmware engineers was complete. Fortunately for us (this is fun, remember!), that was far from true.

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