Braintree Supercharger

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Braintree Supercharger

  • Supercharger
Blackley Lane CM77 7QW Braintree
United Kingdom

Como chegar Assistência na estrada 01628 450 660

6 Superchargers, available 24/7, up to 250kW

Connect to ‘GRIDSERVE Free WiFi’ for fast and reliable free-of-charge WiFi
Tesla vehicle WiFi network also available outside - specifically provided for Tesla vehicles to connect to and download over-the-air updates

Casas de banho
Available in the building from 6am to 10pm

Costa Coffee with food menu
Ready meals available to purchase and cook at your destination

Booths Supermarket
Gourmade luxury ready-made meals
WHSmith Travel
Post Office

Costa Coffee

Braintree Supercharger