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An Engineering Update on Powertrain 1.5

It has been several months since we have shared any progress updates on our powertrain development work and in particular how the “powertrain 1.5” program is progressing for the Roadster.


Program Update

The following is a letter that was sent to Tesla Roadster customers today to review key developments in the Roadster program.

Since we last provided a program update we have achieved an extraordinary milestone - on March 17th, the Tesla Roadster entered regular production. In this program update we will focus on a wide variety of topics that relate to the program now that we are in this new phase, including:

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Tesla Store Los Angeles

Last week we opened our first ever Tesla Store in Los Angeles on Santa Monica Blvd.

The Tesla Roadster is a revolutionary car and our Tesla Stores will be no less revolutionary as an automotive retail experience.

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European Vacation (Not)

As I fly back from Brussels and think about the last 9 days in Europe I am very encouraged by what we learned. One of the advantages of a startup operation is the ability to change direction and make decisions very quickly to adjust to the opportunities and risks that present themselves. The flip side of that is that you often need to lead with your chin and accept the fact that you aren’t always entering the battle with your plans all in place. You become a master of rapid prototyping.

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Tesla Launches European Sales

Last Wednesday the Financial Times ran a piece indicating that Tesla was now formally setting its sights on Europe. This is the first of what will be an increasing effort on our part to build the Tesla brand on the European continent with the anticipation of delivering cars to customers starting in the middle of 2009.

The idea that Tesla would expand internationally is nothing new – that has been our intention all along. There are many reasons why Europe is a very attractive market, outlined below. The thing that is new here is the timing of our expansion plans.

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CARB Must Reject Staff Recommendation to Weaken ZEV Mandate

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is considering changes to the Zero Emission Vehicle Program (also commonly known as the “ZEV Mandate”) on March 27th at its Board meeting in Sacramento. If you’ve seen Who Killed the Electric Car? you have an idea of what the ZEV Mandate is and how its implementation has been challenged and impeded by traditional auto manufacturers for more than a decade.

Tesla Motors strongly disagrees with the recently proposed changes to the ZEV Mandate as reflected in the staff’s “Initial Statement of Reasons” (ISOR) dated February 8, 2008 and is lobbying against the proposed changes. President and CEO Ze’ev Drori will speak at the Board meeting this week to communicate our position directly to the board.

On March 12th, 2008, Ze’ev sent the letter below to outline Tesla’s position directly to CARB Chairperson Mary Nichols. In addition, Tesla developed a whitepaper rebutting the faulty conclusions of the CARB ZEV Expert Panel Position on Lithium Ion Full-Performance Battery Electric Vehicles.

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We have begun regular production of the Tesla Roadster

In my last posting on this blog I emphasized that my primary goal as the new CEO of Tesla Motors was to get the car on the road. The potential of this company is vast but it is dependent on meeting our commitments and that starts with delivering the 2008 Tesla Roadster to our customers.

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Lotus Engineering Newsletter Q&A with Tesla's Car Guy

In the beginning of January, Tesla Motors Vice President of Vehicle Integration, Mac Powell, sat down with Dave Leggett of just-auto for a Q&A session which recently appeared in the 24th issue of the Lotus Engineering Newsletter, proActive. We wanted to share with you this excerpt from the Newsletter as well as include some comments on recent updates and additional information.

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Re: P1 Arriving Now! :)

On Friday, February 1, 2008 at 12:56 P.M., an email was sent to all San Carlos based employees of Tesla Motors: “P1 Arriving Now! :).”

This simple email signified the moment we had been working toward for the last few years. You see, “P1” is the internal designation for the first production unit to be produced by Tesla Motors. This is the anticipated ‘first car’ that was built for Chairman, Elon Musk. So what was it like to be a part of the arrival of P1?

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50 State Legal

It has been quite a while since I have put finger tip to key board and joined the Tesla blogosphere. This might have something to do with my being a little bit busy as we have been maturing the Roadster from an amazing prototype to a full-blown production car.