Host Commercial Charging

We’ve made the process of hosting Commercial Charging fully self-service. Review the steps and supplemental documentation below.

Purchase Wall Connectors

Purchase up to 12 Wall Connectors online. You can also buy an additional pedestal to mount your Wall Connector for stand-alone charging.

Obtain an Installation Estimate

If you don’t already have a Certified Installer, you can work with a local Tesla Certified Installer to get an estimate.

View the resources available on how to manage the installation of your Wall Connector.

Set Up Your Wall Connectors

Once your Wall Connectors are successfully installed, fill out our Commercial Services Product Registration form.

To qualify for listing on Tesla’s Find Us map and Trip Planner, you must have regular business hours, the ability to accommodate the public with goods and services and have full-time employees on site during those hours.

Tesla retains the right to make the final decision on initial and continued public listing.

If you have additional questions, contact