Onboard Charger

When a Wall Connector or Mobile Connector plugs into the charge port it provides alternating current, also known as AC power, to your vehicle. Batteries store energy as direct current, also known as DC energy.

The onboard charger, which is built in your vehicle, handles this by converting the AC power into DC energy so that it can be stored in the battery.

Different Tesla vehicles have different onboard charger capabilities. The table below shows the circuit breaker which will provide the fastest charging speeds for each vehicle type.

Model Onboard Charger Recommended Circuit Breaker for Wall Connector Installation
Model S
Model X
Model Y
Model 3 Performance
Model 3 Long Range
11.5 kW
(48 amp)
60 amp circuit breaker
Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive 7.7 kW
(32 amp)
40 amp circuit breaker
Note: Tap the lightning bolt icon on the touchscreen to view the max amperage of your vehicle.

We recommend installing a Wall Connector at home and leaving the Mobile Connector in the trunk of the vehicle as a backup option while on the road.