Installing a Wall Connector

Wall Connector is designed for easy installation. An open wire box with integrated terminals provides plenty of room for landing wires, with entry point options from the top, bottom and rear. Installers can use a mobile device to commission Wall Connector and connect to customer’s Wi-Fi networks.

How to Install a Wall Connector

Note: Installers should download and fully review the Wall Connector installation manual prior to installation.

For more information on how to install a Wall Connector, watch the video below.

Commissioning and Connecting to Wi-Fi

Wall Connector installers can configure the set up within the Tesla One app. To successfully commission the Wall Connector, scan the QR code located on the front of the installation Quickstart Guide included with the packaging. This QR code provides the unique credentials to connect to the unit, enable Power Management features, connect to Wi-Fi, and set the circuit breaker rating and output amperage.   

Once set-up is complete in the Tesla One app, residential customers can register their Wall Connector in the Tesla app to access more features, including charging stats and history. 

How to Set Up

For more information on how to commission Wall Connector, watch the video below.

Wall Connector Firmware

The best way to keep a Wall Connector up to date is to connect to local Wi-Fi so that it can automatically receive firmware updates. New features and functionality will be rolled out over time.

If Wi-Fi is unavailable, it is possible to manually update a Wall Connector through offline firmware updates.