Cost and Payment Options


What will the Solar Roof cost?

When you include the benefits of solar production, Solar Roof should cost less than a regular roof. In fact it may save you money – as an example, the out-of-pocket cost of a Solar Roof for a typical home in Maryland will be around $52,000, but after considering the tax credit and the value of energy that the roof generates, Solar Roof will actually pay for itself and save you about $8,000 over 30 years.

Here's how we do the math:

Solar Roof cost calculations explanation

1 – Value of energy
The value of energy your Solar Roof is expected to produce over 30 years is based on the average price of electricity in your area ($.14/kWh in this example), adjusted for inflation by 2% annually.

2 – Cost of roof
The estimated cost of your Solar Roof includes materials, installation, and the removal of your old roof. The Solar Roof cost is based on estimated roof square footage for your home, and the portion of your roof covered with solar tiles.

3 – Cost of Powerwall battery
The estimated cost of your Powerwall includes the battery, supporting hardware and installation cost.

4 – Tax Credit
The tax credit applies to the cost of the solar tiles and associated solar energy equipment as well as the cost of the Powerwall batteries.

5 – Net earned over 30 years
The value of energy your Solar Roof produces may exceed the cost of the roof, providing you value over time. If you choose a lower percentage of solar coverage, the roof may cost you money but will still typically be less than a regular tile or asphalt shingle roof when you include the value of energy.

6 – Edit assumptions
This gives you the option of changing your roof square footage, monthly electric bill and Powerwall battery number.

7 - Slider
The slide represents the portion of your home that will be covered with solar tiles. As you adjust the slider up, the cost of the roof will increase to reflect more solar tiles, but the value of the energy and tax credit will also increase for the same reason.

Does Tesla offer finance alternatives for Solar Roof installations?

We plan to offer financing in the U.S. later in 2018. In the meantime, you may be able to finance your Solar Roof with a personal loan, a home improvement loan, a home equity line of credit or other second mortgage product.

Does my roof qualify for the federal tax credit incentive?

The 30% federal tax credit will apply to the cost of the solar portion of the roof as well as the cost of a Powerwall battery (only if installed with Solar Roof).