Can I try to make fixes or repairs to my solar panel system?

WARNING: Never attempt to fix or repair your solar panel system. Your solar panel system contains high voltage electric current and contact can result in burns, sparks and lethal shock. Do not disconnect wires, open electrical panels, or modify/damage the equipment in any way.  Contact Tesla Customer Support to perform repairs.

What should I do if my roof needs repairs after I’ve installed solar panels?

If you do need to make repairs on the roof for any reason, your solar panels may need to be removed and reinstalled. Please contact Tesla Customer Support if you want to start this process.

What should I do if my solar power system is damaged or not working properly?

Contact Tesla Customer Support. Tesla will take care of covered system repairs for the entire length of our agreement. Review your Warranty Agreement for details on coverage.

What should I do if my solar panels have become shaded?

Shading on your solar panels will reduce electricity production. Keep trees or other tall plants trimmed to prevent shading on your system.

How do I clean my solar panels?

Cleaning your panels of dust, pollen and leaves will improve your system performance. Rain will help rinse your panels clean, especially if they are mounted on an angle. Ordinarily, you can flush the panels with a water hose from the ground to remove accumulated dust. You only need to rinse the glass cover of the panels — do not attempt to clean the wiring underneath the panels. For performance and safety reasons, hosing down panels is only recommended when the sky is overcast or the sun is low in the sky, as the panels can become hot under intense sunshine.

How often you clean the system depends on where you live. You may need to clean more often during the dry seasons when there is more dust and pollen in the air and fewer rain showers to rinse the panels clean.

If you have excessive soiling, such as from bird droppings, you may wish to hire a local solar panel cleaning service.  For example, Solar Maid is a panel-washing company that some of our customers have used throughout North America. Please note, as cleaning the panels is part of the homeowner’s responsibility, Tesla is not able to assist with the process or cost of the cleaning.

What should I do if my inverter displays an error message?

If your inverter displays an error message, contact Tesla Customer Support. One of our experts will gather the necessary information to ensure that we’re able to repair your system as quickly as possible.