Energy Support

Registering Your Solar Inverter

To complete installation of your Solar Inverter, you must register it to your Tesla Account and connect it to your home Wi-Fi network. To begin registration, download the Tesla app and sign in with your Tesla Account. If you already own other Tesla vehicle or energy products, register your Tesla Solar Inverter using the same email address. 

Step 1: Tap the profile picture in the top right-corner of the app to open the profile menu.

Step 2: Tap ‘Add/Remove Product’ > ‘Solar Inverter.’

Step 3: Follow the prompts to locate and scan your Tesla Solar Inverter Wi-Fi password.

Step 4: Choose a name for your home and address for accurate location-based features.

Step 5: Accept the request to join your Tesla Solar Inverter’s local Wi-Fi network called ‘TEG-XXX.’

Step 6: Select your home Wi-Fi network and enter your network password.

Step 7: After completing setup, Tesla Solar Inverter's power flow and energy data will begin syncing with the Tesla network. This will also begin the final registration process.

Troubleshooting the Registration Process

If you are unable to connect to your Tesla Solar Inverter

  • Find steps on how to connect your Tesla Solar Inverter to your home Wi-Fi network.

  • Check that your Tesla Solar Inverter is broadcasting its Wi-Fi access point. This will have a network name of ‘TEG-XXX’ where XXX is the last three characters of the serial number. 

  • If your Tesla Solar Inverter is not broadcasting, power cycle your Tesla Solar Inverter by opening the circuit breaker. The green LED on the right-hand side will turn off. Close the breaker after one minute. 

  • If your Tesla Solar Inverter does not start broadcasting the Wi-Fi access point after two minutes, contact us.

Note: The configuration interface of your Tesla Solar Inverter is available within 15 minutes of the system being powered on.

If you experience Wi-Fi connection errors

  • Confirm that you are selecting the correct Wi-Fi network and have entered your network password correctly. 

  • Check for and disable any firewall or guest network restriction settings on your network that may be preventing connection. 

  • Contact your home Wi-Fi service provider for technical support. 

If you receive the message ‘Product already registered’

  • Check if this device is already registered to another user. 

  • Contact us for registration assistance. 

If you receive the message ‘Registration Failed’

  • Restart your Tesla app, and repeat the registration process. 

  • Contact us if you still receive this error message. 

If you receive the message ‘Check the app later to find your new products’

  • Sign out of the app, wait approximately five minutes and then sign back in. 

  • Contact us if you still receive this error message.