How to Order Solar Panels

Step 1: Deposit

Place an online order to get started. Then, log into your Tesla Account to see next steps for your solar panels.

Step 2: Home Assessment

The Tesla Engineering team will use remote, high definition aerial imagery to complete a layout for your home. Based on the order, some photos may be requested from you, which can be taken in your Tesla Account from your smartphone. Tesla may also contact you to send a technician to your home to gather specific information as part of the assessment.

Step 3: Utility Bill

Upload your latest utility statement to your Tesla Account so that we can ensure the best design for your home.

Step 4: Confirm Payment Details

Confirm your payment details and complete all outstanding documents in your Tesla Account.

Step 5: Permit

Tesla will obtain any necessary permits for your solar project. You may also need to obtain HOA approval; Tesla will provide all necessary documentation.*

Step 6: Installation

You can schedule your installation for a day that works best for you.*

Step 7: Payment

For cash purchases, you will be invoiced 50% at install, 50% after passing inspection. For subscription, you will be invoiced one month after activation. For loans, you will be invoiced ~30 days after installation.

Step 8: Inspection

Your solar system will be inspected by your city or county.

Step 9: Activation

Your utility will approve activating your system (permission to operate). PTO requirements vary by region and utility.*

Step 10: Download the Tesla app

Once your system is installed, you can download the Tesla mobile app to monitor your solar panel system and home energy use in real-time, anywhere.

*Permit, Inspection and Activation timelines will vary based on your jurisdiction. Your Tesla advisor will keep you apprised regarding timelines.

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