Solar Roof Installation Process

Place an Order

Place an order to get started. This will be applied to the purchase price of your Solar Roof.

Phone Call

A Tesla product specialist will contact you once Solar Roof is available in your region and discuss your home energy needs.

Review Your Solar Roof Order

Your agreement includes your final hardware and installation price for your Solar Roof and Powerwall system, if applicable.

Home Energy Assessment

We will schedule a site visit to confirm your design and identify any additional home improvements required.

Schedule Your Installation

After you approve your order, we’ll submit for permits and utility approval to install your Solar Roof. Once we receive these, we’ll reach out and schedule your installation.


Installation time is dependent on the size and complexity of your roof, but most installations take approximately one week to complete. After installation, you can start using Solar Roof when the utility provides permission to operate (PTO). PTO requirements vary by region and utility

Download the App

Once the system is installed, you can download the Tesla mobile app to monitor your system in real-time, anywhere.

Ongoing Support

Solar Roof has a 25-year solar module, tile and weatherization warranty. We are here to support you with any questions during that time.


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