Solar Roof Incentives

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The 30% federal tax credit will apply to the cost of the solar portion of Solar Roof as well as the cost of a Powerwall battery. The qualifying portion of Solar Roof includes the solar tiles, wiring, and support structures. Non-solar roof tiles would not qualify for the tax credit, nor would general roofing components that are not functionally necessary to enable solar electric generation. On average, customers receive a 15-25% federal tax credit.

How can I estimate the portion my Solar Roof that could receive the tax credit?

For most homes, 50-80% of the total Solar Roof cost is eligible for the ITC. Your Solar Roof Purchase Agreement provides an estimated allocation of components that may be eligible for a tax credit, based on the qualifying portion of your Solar Roof. This estimated allocation is not intended as tax advice; you should discuss this allocation with a tax professional (for the purposes of IRS Form 5695) to determine the appropriate tax credit amount in your circumstance.