Improving Access to Third-Party Fast Charging

Third-party fast chargers that meet our performance and reliability standards may be added to Tesla’s navigation automatically as Qualified Third-Party Chargers. The intent is to expand the range of charging options and ensure a smooth charging experience for Tesla drivers. When drivers navigate to a Qualified Third-Party Charger, the battery automatically preconditions to arrive with an optimal temperature, reducing the amount of time it takes to charge.

Qualified Charging Station Requirements

To be considered a Qualified Charging Station, it must meet these conditions over a 60-day period:

  1. At least one compatible charging connector
  2. Frequently used by Tesla drivers at least once every four days
  3. Average charge success rate is 90% or higher

To detect inoperable chargers quickly and provide the best experience for our customers, stations will be removed from Tesla’s list of Qualified Charging Stations if any of the following conditions are met over a 14-day period:

  1. No charge sessions detected
  2. Average charge success rate falls below 70%

Tesla does not guarantee the performance or upkeep of third-party chargers. The conditions to become or remain a Qualified Third-Party Charging Station are subject to change, with no rights derived from these conditions or qualifications. Tesla is continuously enhancing location display on the vehicle touchscreen for ease of use. Not all new qualified chargers may be displayed.

For any questions or feedback regarding Qualified Charging Station requirements, contact