Installing a Wall Connector

The third generation Tesla Wall Connector is designed for easy installation. An open wire box with integrated terminals provides plenty of room for landing wires, with entry point options from the top, bottom and rear. Installers can use a smartphone to commission Wall Connector and connect to customer Wi-Fi networks.

  • Installing a Gen 3 Wall Connector
  • Commissioning a Wall Connector
  • Wall Connector Firmware
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  • Installing a Gen 3 Wall Connector

    Gen 3 front
    Gen 3 bracket
    Gen 3 inside

    Download Manual

    icon see manual Installers should download and fully review the Gen 3 Wall Connector installation manual prior to installation.

    For more information on how to install a Gen 3 Wall Connector, watch the video below.

    Wall Connector Commissioning

    Wall Connector hosts a Wi-Fi network for easy configuration of breaker size, Wi-Fi connectivity, and power sharing. This Wi-Fi network is broadcast for five minutes after the Wall Connector is energized and can be re-enabled for an additional five minutes by holding the button on the handle of the charging cable.

    The Quickstart Guide, included in the Wall Connector Box, has a sticker on the top of the front page with important information about this unique device, and should be retained by the installer after commissioning.

    To connect to the Wall Connector’s access point with a smartphone or laptop, scan the QR code on the Quickstart Guide sticker, or manually connect to the Wi-Fi network with the SSID and Password provided.

    After connecting to the Wall Connector access point, you may be automatically redirected to the commissioning wizard. If not, scan the QR code below or use your browser to navigate to

    QR code scan

    For more information on how to commission Gen 3 Wall Connector, watch the video below.

    Wall Connector Firmware

    The best way to keep a Wall Connector up-to-date is to connect to local Wi-Fi so that it can automatically receive firmware updates. New features and functionality will be rolled out over time.

    If Wi-Fi is unavailable, it is possible to manually update a Wall Connector through offline firmware updates.

    Additional Resources

    If you have additional questions, please contact Customer Support.