Preparing for a Mobile Service Appointment

Mobile Service with Tesla Service is a bit different than traditional vehicle maintenance visits. If you haven’t scheduled your appointment yet, scheduling a service appointment in the Tesla app is your first step.

If you scheduled a Service Center visit, you will need to follow the steps to prepare for a Service Center visit. If you scheduled a Mobile Service appointment, see what you can expect before, during and after your appointment.

What to do Before Your Mobile Service

Before your scheduled Mobile Service, make sure that you have noted all your concerns in the Tesla app. Your technician will review your notes before the appointment and bring the necessary tools and parts to service your vehicle. You can change these notes up until 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

    On the day of your appointment, you may see a pending software update. This update was sent by your Mobile Service Technician and they will need it to repair your vehicle. Do not install any updates on the day of your appointment. Installing the update may significantly increase the time of your repair and appointment.

    For your Mobile Service appointment, your vehicle must be easily accessible, have adequate working space around it and not contain any pets. You must also provide the technician with all of the following:

    • Specific instructions to the vehicle’s location
    • Access codes or information about gate attendants, security guards or any other security measures
    • Access to a garage or shelter in case of extreme weather
    • Access to a restroom
    What to Expect During Your Mobile Service

    When it’s time for your Mobile Service appointment, the technician will arrive at the agreed upon location. Before your technician arrives, you will need to grant them permission to access your vehicle in the Tesla app. You’ll receive a message with instructions on how to do that before your scheduled appointment.

    Technicians will wait for up to 15 minutes at a location before moving on to their next scheduled appointment if they cannot access your vehicle.

    For the technician’s safety, refrain from taking photos, videos or audio recordings of the technician or the maintenance.

    Note: To ensure a safe and healthy work environment for Tesla personnel, we reserve the right in its discretion to remove access to Mobile Service for any customer whose behavior or conduct causes our personnel to feel abused, threatened, discriminated against, attacked or unsafe in any way.

    What Happens When Your Mobile Service is Complete

    When your Mobile Service appointment is complete, you’ll receive a notification in the Tesla app and a text message letting you know the service is complete. If there is an outstanding balance for your service, you can pay through the Tesla app at this time.