Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger

Stay charged with the Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger designed exclusively by Tesla. Featuring a non-slip, silicone surface with easy installation and enough power to charge two phones at once, the Wireless Phone Charger is perfect for any sized device. Simply place your Qi-enabled smartphone on the center console’s phone tray for a quick and secure charge without cables.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wireless charging?
Power is transferred wirelessly through a process known as magnetic induction which occurs between a transmitter coil (charging dock) and receiver coil (phone). This magnetic field generated by the transmitter coil induces a voltage in the receiver coil, which is used to charge your phone’s battery.

What phones are compatible with the Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger?
iPhone 8 or later, plus Galaxy: Note9, S9, S9+, Note8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6 edge,S6 and various Qi-certified phones from other manufactures can be used with the Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger. It is best to check your phone’s instructions to verify its wireless (Qi) charging capability.

What is Qi?
Qi is an open standard which ensures the safe and compatible operation of wireless charging devices within its ecosystem.

Is the Model 3 wireless Phone Charger Qi certified?

Will the Wireless Phone Charger work with phone cases?
Thin, non-metalized cases are supported. Large cases may not support wireless charging.

How is the Wireless Phone Charger installed? Do I need to visit a Service Center?
The Wireless Phone Charger be easily installed at home. Please follow the installation instructions below:

What is included with the Wireless Phone Charger?

  • (1) Charging pad with docking for two phones
  • (1) Décor bar
  • (2) USB-A cables

How is the Wireless Phone Charger powered?
Each dock is powered by its own USB-A cable plugged into the ports located in the front of Model 3’s center console. If you wish to use Dashcam, unplug a dock not in use and insert your configured USB flash drive. You can also use a USB-A male to dual USB-A female splitter.

What is the power transfer output of the Wireless Phone Charger?
Each dock provides up to 5-Watts of wireless power transfer.