Submerged Vehicle Guidance

Vehicle submersion can be caused by a flood or other extreme weather conditions. Tesla wants to ensure you have the information you need should there be a risk of vehicle submersion or if your vehicle experiences submersion in water.

Review the following recommendations to help prepare for a potential vehicle submersion, know how to handle a submerged vehicle and find available resources.

Preparing for and Handling a Submerged Vehicle

If a submersion event is in the forecast and it is safe for you to move your vehicle, we recommend you attempt to move your vehicle to a location that is not at risk or to higher ground.

Note: If you notice fire, smoke, audible popping/hissing or heating coming from your vehicle, step away and immediately contact your local first responders.

Know what to do if your vehicle, whether it’s an electric vehicle or an internal combustion engine vehicle, has been exposed to prolonged submersion.

Follow these steps once the vehicle is no longer submerged and is safe to access:

  1. Treat your vehicle as if it has been in an accident and contact your insurance company.
  2. Do not attempt to operate the vehicle until an authorized shop has inspected it. If you are a Tesla vehicle owner, you can schedule your inspection with Tesla Service.
  3. Safely tow or move the vehicle at least 50 ft (15 m) from structures or other combustible materials such as other cars and personal property.
    • Tesla owners can request towing assistance from Tesla. View how to request Tesla Roadside Assistance from the Tesla app.
    • For information on how to safely tow or move your vehicle, review your vehicle manufacturer’s guidance. Tesla owners can view the ‘Instructions for Transporter’ section in your Owner’s Manual.*

*For the latest and greatest information that is customized to your vehicle, view your Owner’s Manual.

The information is specific to your vehicle depending on the features you purchased, vehicle configuration, market region and software version. If you are unable to access your Owner’s Manual, you can review instructions for transporters from the Owner’s Manual of the latest configuration for each vehicle: