Supercharger Idle Fee

We designed the Supercharger network to enable a seamless, enjoyable road trip experience. Therefore, we understand that it can be frustrating to arrive at a station only to discover fully charged Tesla cars occupying spaces. To create a better experience for all owners, we’re introducing a fleet-wide idle fee that aims to increase Supercharger availability.

We envision a future where cars move themselves once fully charged, enhancing network efficiency and the customer experience even further. Until then, we ask that vehicles be moved from the Supercharger once fully charged. A customer would never leave a car parked by the pump at a gas station and the same thinking applies with Superchargers.

The Tesla app allows owners to remotely monitor their vehicle, alerting them when their charge is nearly complete and again once fully charged. For every additional minute a car remains connected to the Supercharger, it will incur an idle fee. If the car is moved within 5 minutes, the fee is waived. Idle fees only apply when a Supercharger station is at 50% capacity or more. Idle fees double when the station is at 100% capacity. To be clear, this is purely about increasing customer happiness and we hope to never make any money from it.

Idle Fees By Country/Region

Country/Region Currency Idle fee (per minute) Idle fee (per minute) when the station is 100% occupied
United States USD $0.50 $1.00
Canada CAD $0.50 $1.00

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How will I be billed?
We recommend you save a payment method on file in your Tesla Account for automatic, seamless billing. If a payment method is not set up, you will receive alerts on your touchscreen and via email. If outstanding charges accumulate past a set amount, your Supercharger access will be restricted until the outstanding balance is paid. Supercharging can be immediately re-enabled by paying the balance on your car’s touchscreen or in your account.

Do idle fees apply if there are Supercharger spots still available?
Idle fees apply to any car occupying a Supercharger if the station is at 50% capacity or more and the charge session is complete. Idle fees double when the station is at 100% capacity.

How do I know when I’ve incurred an idle fee?
The Tesla mobile app notifies you when charging nears completion and again when charging is complete. Idle fees then accrue when the station is at 50% capacity or more until your vehicle is moved. Supercharger session details, including idle fees incurred, are available in your Tesla Account after each Supercharger session.

Which cars can incur idle fees?
All Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y cars can incur idle fees.

Do idle fees apply while the car is actively Supercharging?
No. An idle fee is only applied once a Supercharge session is complete. At that point, the car is no longer Supercharging and the spot should be made available for the next driver.

Is there an upper limit on the idle fee?
No. There is not a limit on the amount of idle fees that may accrue. We recommend moving your vehicle when charging is complete to make the Supercharger available for others and avoid idle fees.

Do taxes apply?
Supercharger idle fees include tax.

Do idle fees apply to Destination Charging locations?
No. Idle fees only apply to Superchargers.

Idle Fees By Country/Region

Country/Region Currency Idle fee (per minute) Idle fee (per minute) when the station is 100% occupied
Australia AUD $0.50 $1.00
Austria EUR €0,50 €1,00
Belgium EUR €0,50 €1,00
Canada CAD $0.50 $1.00
China CNY ¥ 3.20 ¥ 6.40
Croatia EUR €0,50 €1,00
Czech Republic CZK 10 Kč 20 Kč
Denmark DKK kr. 3,00 kr. 6,00
Finland EUR €0,50 €1,00
France EUR €0,50 €1,00
Germany EUR €0,50 €1,00
Hong Kong HKD HK$4 HK$8
Hungary HUF 200 HUF 400 HUF
Macau HKD $4 $8
Iceland ISK 75 kr 150 kr
Ireland EUR €0,50 €1,00
Israel ILS ₪2 ₪4
Italy EUR €0,50 €1,00
Japan JPY ¥50 ¥100
Liechtenstein CHF CHF 0.50 CHF 1.00
Luxembourg EUR €0,50 €1,00
Mexico MXN $10 $20
Netherlands EUR €0,50 €1,00
New Zealand NZD $1.00 $2.00
Norway NOK kr. 5 kr. 10
Poland PLN 2 zł 4 zł
Portugal EUR €0,50 €1,00
Romania RON 2.5 RON 5 RON
Singapore SGD $0,50 $1,00
Slovakia EUR €0,50 €1,00
Slovenia EUR €0,50 €1,00
South Korea KRW ₩500 ₩1,000
Spain EUR €0,50 €1,00
Sweden SEK 5 kr 10 kr
Switzerland CHF CHF 0.50 CHF 1.00
Taiwan TWD 15元 30元
Thailand THB ฿12 ฿24
United Kingdom GBP £0.50 £1.00
United States USD $0.50 $1.00