Articles tagged "Delivery"

Articles tagged "Delivery"

Model S Pano Roof Rack Installation

This Roof Rack System is made for the Model S with the Panoramic Roof configuration only. It will not work with the solid roof configuration.

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Estimating Your Delivery Date

About a month and a half before your vehicle enters production you will be assigned a vehicle identification number (VIN). This number is often required to secure 3rd party financing or set up insurance.

Your current estimated delivery time frames can be found in your Tesla Account. Because a number of factors may impact timing – including shifting production schedules, option availability, and the logistics of transporting your vehicle – it's not uncommon to observe changes to this initial time frame.

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Tesla Leasing

Tesla offers competitive leasing for your vehicle. Leasing combines a low down payment and low monthly payments with significant tax advantages if you drive a Tesla for your business. Use this calculator to estimate your monthly payment.
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Tesla Lending

Tesla lending is available for five to seven year terms. Use this calculator to estimate your monthly payment.
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Final Payment

Once you have finalized your payment and trade-in preferences, an itemized breakdown of options, taxes and registration fees will be available for you to view in the "My Documents" section of your Tesla account. Keep in mind that regardless of how close or far away you live from the Tesla Factory, all North American customers pay the same Delivery and Documentation Fee. Once these documents are generated, a payment module will appear in your profile to allow you to submit your final payment.

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