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Tesla is hitting the road across North America with our first-ever Tesla mobile Design Studios. Get the complete Tesla experience and design the Model S or Model X of your dreams as our fleet of mobile galleries roams to destinations near and far.

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Tesla Explores

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See where Tesla owners love to explore.

Model X is perfect for our active lifestyle

"We can now take cycling vacations with our Model X and say goodbye to gasoline forever.”

Read Linda's Story

Crossing Canada in a Model X towing a Camping Trailer

"A week and a half after we took delivery, we started on our cross Canada trip of 10,000km/6,200mi with the brand new Model X towing a camping trailer.”

Read Silke & Rolf's Story

The Road to a Model X

"We have traveled to more than 20 national parks and monuments across the US and Canada in our Teslas.”

Read David & Helen's Story