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Articles tagged "Environment"

5 月

實際測試Tesla HEPA 過濾系統及Bioweapon Defense Mode生化武器防禦模式

空氣污染對公共健康有着重大及廣泛的影響。世界衛生組織研究指出,空氣污染是 「全球最大單一環境健康風險」,每年因空氣污染而死亡的人數超過300萬人,比起每年因交通意外而死亡的人數超出多於兩倍。
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Putting the Tesla HEPA Filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode to the Test

Air pollution has a significant and pervasive impact on public health. According to the World Health Organization, it is now considered "the world's largest single environmental health risk," with more than three million people dying every year as a result. This is more than twice the number of people that die in vehicle accidents each year.

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3 月

Report from Japan: Through the Eyes of a Tesla Owner

Takao Ozawa, Japan’s first Roadster owner, is a serial entrepreneur. A board member of Civic Force, a non-profit disaster response organization in Japan, below he reports on his experiences since the the earthquake and Civic Force's efforts to help victims of the disasters. In support of their efforts, Tesla Motors has donated $100,000 to Civic Force. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.

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2 月

How to Sell an Electric Car

Michael Thwaite is a petrol-head who became a volt-head after seeing "Who Killed the Electric Car?" He's not sure he'll ever go back.

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12 月

Driving for Change at COP15

Roadster at Hopenhagen Tesla spent two weeks in Copenhagen for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Dec 7 to Dec 18. We spread the word about Tesla Motors to climate change experts, policymakers, journalists, and fans. We decided to exhibit the Roadsters on the streets of "Hopenhagen". We wanted to demonstrate that zero emissions vehicles are a reality, and show that the Roadster is capable of driving in severe weather conditions – snow, rain and freezing temperatures.

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11 月

"Ride Free" - That's My Motto

I’m a Realtor from Greenwich, CT and I’ve been passionately following the development of electric vehicles for over ten years. I voted with my wallet in November of 2007 with a $5,000 deposit on a Tesla Roadster since it was by far the best alternative for me then, and it still is today. My Roadster was delivered on July 27, 2009 after the Plycar driver notified me that he was approaching my house. My wife, Ann, and son, Scott, pictured below were very excited to receive this present from the automotive gods.

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8 月

Promoting National Security Has Never Been So Much Fun

After serving as a U.S. naval officer, including an assignment with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, John A. McEwan founded Technology Advancement Group in 1984. TAG began in John’s garage but is now a leading developer of information technology for the U.S. military. (The U.S. Navy is the company’s largest customer.) John, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland, wants to wean the nation from dependence upon foreign oil. He is currently overseeing the “Mount Vernon Project,” a 2.25-acre estate in Fairfax County, Virginia, which aims to generate more energy than it consumes. To read more about John, his Roadster and his projects, visit his personal Web site.

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6 月

PV+EV: We’re getting 72 miles per day of sunlight, or 72 MPS!

Dr. Rob Wilder is Manager of Encinitas, Calif.-based WilderHill Clean Energy Index (ECO), the first Index on Wall Street for renewable energy, better energy efficiency and zero-carbon solutions. He was previously on faculty at U.C. Santa Barbara, and University of Massachusetts; he has been AAAS/EPA Fellow in Environmental Science & Technology, Fulbright Fellow, and a National Academy of Sciences Young Investigator. For a more extensive look at so-called PV+EV technology, check out

The idea of using solar to power electric cars is tremendously appealing in theory, yet critics insist that it’s a myth or a pipe dream at least a decade away. But it’s here now -– and our Roadster is the proof. Let’s examine how we get 72 miles per day from sunlight, or what I affectionately call 72 MPS, in our solar/electric Tesla.

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11 月

Gordon Brown meets the Roadster

While U.S. Republicans and Democrats were fighting it out across the pond in late October, VP19 was busy creating its own political agenda in the United Kingdom.

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8 月

CARB Must Maintain Pressure to Deliver Pure ZEV's in California

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is considering changes to the Zero Emission Vehicle Program (also commonly known as the “ZEV Mandate”). If you’ve seen Who Killed the Electric Car? you have an idea of what the ZEV Mandate is and how its implementation has been challenged and impeded by traditional auto manufacturers for more than a decade.

On March 27th, the Board met in Sacramento to consider CARB Staff recommendations for changes to the Mandate.  During the open hearing, the Board directed the staff to lower the minimum number of pure ZEV’s that the six largest automotive manufacturers are required to deliver in the period from 2012 to 2015 (known as Phase III) by 70% – from 25,000 to a mere 7,500! This is an absurdly low number given the emerging developments in the EV space, not to mention the progress we’ve demonstrated at Tesla Motors specifically.

Following the March 27th hearing, the Board directed the Staff to draft new regulatory language based on the Board’s decisions and then to open that draft language to a 15 day public comment period which opened on July 25th.Tesla Motors strongly disagrees with the Board’s decision, and with the Staff’s interpretation of that decision with regard to the Phase III minimum. We also object to other key provisions in the revised mandate as proposed by the staff. On August 11th, 2008, Ze’ev sent the letter below to outline Tesla’s position directly to CARB Chairperson Mary Nichols.

If you support Tesla’s position, you can help by calling Board Members or Staff, mailing, or e-mailing the Air Resources Board immediately.

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