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6 月

Roadster Road Trip: Silicon Valley to Yosemite

Bill Arnett is a software engineer who envies Renaissance and Enlightenment thinkers – people who tried to understand a large fraction of all human knowledge. During an attempt to retire and spend more time on hobbies such as photography and astronomy, Bill decided to learn HTML by creating an astronomy site. It became so popular that it generated enough revenue through Google AdSense to pay for his Roadster. Another recent project was an iPhone application that simulates mechanical watches. Bill, an outdoor enthusiast, appears to be the first person to drive a Roadster in Yosemite National Park. After a May 14 road trip from his home in Silicon Valley in his Roadster, Signature One Hundred No. 55, Bill described his drive through Yosemite as “just about as good as it gets.” Indeed.

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1 月

My New Favorite Car

Scott Painter is a serial entrepreneur and car fanatic-in-chief at, a technology company that helps buyers get up-front discounted pricing and no-hassle delivery from pre-qualified dealers nationwide. aims to “remove the fear factor from the buying process.”

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12 月

Beyond Walter Mitty: Living a Dream as the 100th Delivery

Sam Perry is president of Silicon Valley startup consultancy Ascendance Ventures and a member of E2 – Environmental Entrepreneurs, the national independent business voice for the environment.

Sam gained fame last month after an intimate encounter with Oprah Winfrey was broadcast around the globe. Sam was caught in cameras standing next to the talk show icon in Chicago’s Grant Park on Nov. 4, when Oprah wept on Sam’s shoulder during Obama’s victory speech.

Several weeks later, Sam became the 100th person to take delivery of a Tesla Roadster. The company marked this important milestone with a Dec. 9 news conference at its Menlo Park, Calif., flagship store.

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First week with the Tesla Roadster

Chris Paine directed "Who Killed the Electric Car?” His new project is “Revenge of the Electric Car,” a documentary film and multimedia blog now in production. The film is slated for theaters in 2010.

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11 月

Driving the Tesla Roadster

Ben Rosen, venture capitalist and former chairman of Compaq, is one of the most influential personalities in the technology industry. Under his leadership, Compaq Computer became one of the first companies to clone IBM's PC design, enabling Compaq to become the world's largest PC maker in the 1990s.

Less well known is Ben’s history as an automotive pioneer. More than 15 years ago, Ben and his brother Harold (father of the geostationary communications satellite) started a company to build a hybrid-electric powertrain for cars. Rosen Motors hoped to dramatically improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions – without compromising on performance and style. Despite the brothers’ enthusiasm and demonstrations to major automakers, their vehicle was never commercialized.

Ben is a prolific blogger and, having recently taken ownership of his Tesla Roadster, described the “exhilarating experience” in depth. We re-posted an excerpt below and you may view the entire post here.

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10 月

Seattle Roadshow Storms Pacific Northwest

Nine Tesla employees stormed Seattle last weekend on a four-day sales and marketing blitz. The trip was a great success – not only for 80 customers and media who got to drive the car but for those of us at Tesla scouting the perfect location for a Seattle-area store, which we are planning to open in the first half of 2009.

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7 月

Flying the Glider: Roadster Owner Ken Jacobs Tours Assembly Plant and Test Track

Ken Jacobs was one of the first employees at the relational database pioneer Oracle Corporation. He and his wife Margaret are thrilled to be early adopters and advocates for the pioneering Tesla, the car and the company.

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2 月

Driving P1

On February 1, 2008 Tesla Motors handed over the keys of the first production Roadster (P1) to Elon Musk, Chairman and now a proud Roadster owner. What has life been like behind the wheel of P1? Find out from Elon himself.

It has been a blast driving my Tesla Roadster every day for the past several weeks, using it as my daily driver from Bel Air to Hawthorne. I really think this is the most fun car I've ever owned, beating out the McLaren F1 and my 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo.

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The Spin Stops Here

Two weeks ago, I highlighted how Tesla moved from waves to bits in our motor and charge controller in the PEM. You might have left with the impression that as of June 2007, when the DMC replaced the analog controller, our work as DMC firmware engineers was complete. Fortunately for us (this is fun, remember!), that was far from true.

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Handing Over the Keys VI: Dr. Rob Wilder

Dr. Rob Wilder is Manager of the WilderHill Clean Energy Index, the first Index on Wall Street for renewable energy, better energy efficiency, and zero-carbon solutions. He was previously on faculty at U.C. Santa Barbara, and University of Massachusetts; he has been a AAAS/EPA Fellow in Environmental Science & Technology, Fulbright Fellow, and National Academy of Sciences Young Investigator.

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