Still a complete family, thanks to our Tesla!

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My husband commutes from Parkton Maryland to Annapolis every day for work. When he first got the job, gas prices were high, and his then performance Audi Q7 was not fuel efficient. We went on the search for something a little more fuel efficient. 

Being car people, and by car people I mean we love cars, it was a joke when we were looking at electric options and hybrid options. None of them were sporty enough, or sexy enough, to catch my husband’s car-loving eye. Then we started looking at the Tesla. A client of mine has one, and loves his. My husband went for a little wife-arranged play date of sorts with my client and his Tesla. Bill was immediately hooked. It wasn't long before my finance minded guy worked out the numbers and ordered his Tesla Model S. 

Surviving a serious car accident

Fast forward to April 26th, 2016. Bill typically calls once he's on the highway, on his way home from work. Tuesday was like no other day, and I got the call. I could tell something was wrong. Bill didn't sound quite right. Then he said, in a shaky voice, "I've been in a pretty serious car accident. The ambulances are here and they are getting ready to cut me out of the car." My mind went completely blank. I was terrified that was our last call.


Bill was going about 30 miles an hour in typical late afternoon, Baltimore Washington metro traffic. It's a route he takes every day, and it backs up in the same spots every day. A box truck, clearly not familiar with this regular traffic phenomenon, rear-ended Bill at full speed. The force of that pushed Bill's model S Tesla into a tractor-trailer that was hauling two jet engines. From there he spun into another SUV. The median finally stopped him.

Then I get a text, with a picture of his car and the truck that hit him. My brain couldn't quite process what his car looked like and the fact that he was texting me pictures. I was certain I would get to the hospital and get bad news, or that Bill would be headed in surgery. Instead, he was sitting in the hallway, in a wheel chair. Talking. Alive. 

You're lucky you were driving that car. That's really the only reason you are still here."

Model S was my husband’s guardian angel

The state trooper that met us at the emergency room with the initial police report even had a look of disbelief on his face. He said to Bill, "We all thought we were rolling up on a fatality. I can't believe I'm standing here talking to you, buddy. You're lucky you were driving that car. That's really the only reason you are still here."

Yesterday I went to go visit the car and hopefully grab a few of my husband's personal items. When your head smacks a driver side window hard enough to break it, you sometimes obsess about the little things. So to appease him, I drove the hour and a half to the tow lot. The tow truck driver that picked up Bill’s car was the one to actually take me back to the Tesla. I explained that I just needed to grab a few of my husband’s personal items. Ray, the tow driver, insisted there was no way we could get anything out of the car as he lifted the blue tarp from the car. I was immediately overwhelmed with tears, reminded that it was just a car that a tarp was being lifted off of and not my husband in a morgue.

Model S saved my husband, the father of our kids.

As he peeled back the tarp, I continued to cry. Ray, probably not knowing what else to do with this emotional wreck of a wife, standing in front of her husband’s wreck of a car, got himself in the car & recovered any personal item he could get his hands on before I realized what he was doing. “The driver’s compartment held up good.” Not a man of many words, but I got his point.  The Tesla is built like a protective capsule around the driver. And it saved my husband, the father of our kids.  Then, before he put the cover back over the car, he pried out a wheel center cap. He handed it to me and said, "Have this made into a keychain or something, and keep it. We don't get cars that look like this and hear that the driver is still alive."

Tesla, we can't thank you enough for this miracle of engineering. We know your car, and the grace of God, are the reasons he's still here.