A Wyse decision: Charge it!

Tom and Elizabeth Wyse, June 1, 2016

Plan a test drive Zero emissions. Zero Compromises.

Elizabeth: Our new Model S may go from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds, but it took us considerably longer to make our decision. The decision to purchase our 2016 Model S 90D Tesla took nearly a year of steady research. We knew we wanted one. We knew we’d love it. But there were things to consider. Many things.

Instantly hooked during the first test drive

Tom: I drove this Tesla P85D outside Chicago at my son, Nathan’s, insistence. I was instantly hooked. I wanted the one I test drove (including the wrap) and had Tesla’s owner advisor start the ball rolling. I went so far as to have my insurance company waiting for the VIN! When I returned to Ozark I was ready to buy. Elizabeth was not convinced. Discussions began. Over the next several months, I continued to research. It wasn’t until March, when we visited Jacksonville, Florida where Elizabeth had a chance to test drive a Model S P90. After her test drive she was ready for a more serious discussion.

Elizabeth: My test drive was nothing less than fabulous. What a sweet ride. Siobhan, in Jacksonville, guided me onto the Jacksonville interstate in rush hour traffic with every confidence I’d handle it fine. And, I did. She had me put it in Autopilot and after a mile or so and under her guidance, I held the turn signal down and the car immediately changed lanes … well, it would have if I hadn’t taken control. Siobhan had already looked to see if it was safe, but I hadn’t had a chance to look over my shoulder before the Tesla made its move. I was hooked. I was impressed. When we returned to the store, she had me set it up to Autopark and now I was ready for more information. I knew we’d have a Tesla in our garage sooner than later.

Elizabeth: When we returned home it was up to me to finish the research - charging stations, electrical contractor, financial advisors, insurance company, etc. I had my work cut out for me, but in less than a week, our Model S was being prepared for pick up!

My other car is a Tesla

Tom: Of course, we just had to order a bumper sticker for the other car.

Tom: We do have a huge advantage over those early adopters because we have internet - in the car!

Elizabeth: We find we create places to go and things to do. Out of something while making dinner? Tom will finally offer to run to the store! We’ve cruised more drive-in restaurants than we have in years. And those Sunday drives of yesteryear? Yep … doing that, too.

Tom: Car club meets and cruise nights? Yup, we’re there and sometimes inadvertently stealing the show. We haven’t had this much fun since teenagers!

Public charging at our home

Elizabeth: Of course, we weren’t planning on enjoying our EV experience alone. We recently installed a public charging station outside our Ozark residence for use by Tesla and other EV owners who might need to recharge their EVs while traveling through the area. Our local paper picked up our story which created an online presence which netted us some new friends. People we didn’t know left messages on our answering machine - they were happy for us, wanted to see it, and wanted to be part of the joy.

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