Resetting the TPMS Sensor

Tesla's Model S TPMS system has a built-in feature that automatically detects a new set of wheel sensors. The TPMS sensors can be reset via the vehicle's touchscreen.

Note: The reset function is only possible when the vehicle is on.

Caution: Only use approved Tesla sensors when performing this procedure.

According to the selected wheel size, the vehicle sets the pre-defined Recommended Cold Pressure (RCP) target values.

Before driving the vehicle, it is necessary to verify that the wheel size is correct and the TPMS sensors are functioning. This is called auto learning.

Auto Learning

1. Turn the touchscreen on


2. From the touchscreen

Touch Controls > Settings > Service & Reset > Tyre Pressure Monitor > Reset Sensors. Reset the sensors based on the wheel size.

Caution: Selecting the incorrect wheel size may result in false tyre pressure warnings. If a tyre pressure warning displays, exit the vehicle, close the rear trunk and all doors, wait for the touchscreen to go black, then re-enter the vehicle and ensure that the correct wheel size is selected before touching Reset.

Warning: Do not reset the TPMS sensors in an attempt to clear tyre pressure warnings.

Warning: Only use tyres and wheels that match the original specification. Tyres that do not match the original specification can affect vehicle performance.

3. Reset

Touch Reset, and then touch OK.

4. Car Status

Press and hold one of the scroll wheels and select 'Car Status' to see a overview of the TPMS information. When the sensors are unknown at start, all the values will be shown as:

Note: If pressure values are still shown from previous wheels, make sure that the vehicle is stationary for at least 20 minutes, before continuing to the next step.

5. Road Test

Perform a road test. Auto learning will start when the vehicle exceeds 40 km/h (25 mph).

Note: When auto learning completes, the tyre pressure information displays for all wheels, and clears any TPMS faults.

Note: Auto learning can take up to 20 minutes during a test drive.

Note: If "Tyre Pressure System Needs Service" displays after performing auto learning, try this procedure again. If the warning still persists after 5 minutes of driving at 40 km/h (25 mph), contact Tesla.

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