Service Visit Information

Unlike gasoline cars, Tesla cars do not require regular maintenance (traditional oil changes, fuel filters, spark plug replacements or emission checks), but if a Tesla Service visit is necessary, you can conveniently schedule appointments in the Tesla app.

Schedule a Service Appointment

In the Tesla app, follow these steps to schedule a service appointment:

To reschedule your Service appointment, select 'Service' on the home screen of your Tesla app and select 'Manage.'

To cancel your Service appointment, select 'Service' on the home screen of your Tesla app and select the 'Cancel' button at the bottom of the screen. Select ‘Yes’ to confirm.

To add more information or an additional topic, select ‘Service’ on the home screen of your Tesla app and select 'Manage.'

Preparing for Your Appointment at a Service Center

Getting Ready
With remote diagnostics, we can pre-diagnose repairs and order parts to prepare for the appointment. Our Service team may contact you before your appointment to gather additional information. For any visits related to charging, make sure you bring your charging cable with you.

Please have your key fob and key card at the appointment. When you arrive at the Service Center for your appointment, you will be assisted by a Service Advisor for a quick check-in. You may be asked to test drive with a Technician to demonstrate the service concern.

Status Updates
During the service appointment, you can check your car’s status on the Tesla app. App status updates will be available to all customers soon. The Tesla app will show your appointment status, when the service is complete and also send a push notification when your car is ready for pick-up.

Alternate Transportation
Subject to availability, we offer alternative transport when your vehicle is in service for a repair that is covered by warranty and takes at least four hours. For collision damage and body repair out-of-warranty, we recommend contacting your insurance company.

The use of a Tesla loaner car is restricted to the country of Service and is subject to a maximum daily mileage limit. Any mileage driven over this limit, as well as fees related to parking, speeding, toll roads or damages, are at your own cost. Tesla will process the payment of tickets and fines on your behalf. In addition to the ticket or fine, you will be charged an administrative fee of 20 EUR (excl. VAT) per payment.

Tesla cannot guarantee the availability of a loaner car and reserves the right to offer alternative methods of transportation if available.

Picking up Your Car
The Service Center will provide you with an estimated date and time to pick up your car. If this changes, a member of the Service team will contact you. If you scheduled your appointment in the Tesla app, you will be notified of the estimated completion time in the app. In addition, you will receive a push notification once your car is ready for pickup, as well as a text message from the Service Center.

Preparing for Your Mobile Service Appointment

With Mobile Service, you can schedule a service appointment at a location and time of your choice. Learn more about how you can prepare for your upcoming Mobile Service appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Tesla need annual maintenance service?
We recommend that you check your Owner's Manual for the latest maintenance recommendations for your Tesla.

What is Mobile Service?
Mobile Service is currently available throughout Europe and continues to rapidly expand coverage worldwide. Tesla is able to complete certain service requests through Mobile Service which allows you to choose a location, such as your home. A Mobile Service Technician will provide service at the location you specify.