Ordering a New Tesla

Before ordering your new Tesla, learn more about the different financing, trade-in and delivery options available.

Placing Your Order

I just ordered my Tesla. What are the next steps?
After placing your order, create a password and sign in to your Tesla Account to complete your delivery details. Your estimated delivery timing will be available in your Tesla Account or confirmation email. Learn more about the delivery process and requirements on Tesla Delivery Day.

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Note: Your Tesla Account credentials are the same e-mail and password used to place your order.

What delivery options are available?
Tesla offers multiple delivery options. You can select your delivery option in your Tesla Account.

When can I expect to take delivery?
Delivery timing varies by model, location and current production availability. For more immediate delivery, check existing inventory in your area.

What connectivity package do new cars come with?
All new Tesla cars come with a free Premium Connectivity trial. The trial period begins on the day of delivery and lasts 30 days. You can subscribe to Premium Connectivity at any time from the Tesla Account. See Connectivity for more information.

How is range calculated?
Range is calculated according to the WLTP standard, which can be useful in comparing ranges among electric vehicles. It uses a dynamic test cycle lasting 30 minutes with several driving phases and includes a balance between urban and non-urban driving. Learn more about range calculations.


How do I apply for Tesla Financing?
Submit a loan credit application with a Tesla Preferred Lender via your Tesla Account , after placing your order. Your nominated lender will contact you if any further details are required and will notify you of any credit decisions. You may be asked to provide evidence of the following:

Can I fund through my own bank or leasing company?
Yes. To apply third-party funding to your purchase, Tesla requires this information to be completed in your Tesla Account:

Once a VIN is assigned, a copy of your Final Invoice will be made available in your Tesla Account to share with your third-party funding institution.

When do I apply for Credit?
You can apply any time after you place your vehicle order. Credit approvals with Tesla Preferred Lenders are valid for 90 days. To meet the delivery terms of your order agreement, Tesla recommend you apply for credit within your delivery timeframe.

When will I receive my Loan Agreement?
Your Loan Agreement will be available for signature, sent to you from your nominated Tesla Preferred lender at least 72 hours prior to your delivery appointment. Tesla require your loan agreement executed at least 48 hours prior to your delivery appointment. Insurance must be provided to your nominated lender at this same time.

Note: for regional deliveries where a vehicle carrier is required, any additional customer deposits must be paid prior to scheduling a delivery appointment.


How does the trade-in process work?
To begin the trade-in process, request an estimate through either your Tesla Account or the trade-in estimate page, and we will contact you with a conditional offer. Once your order is placed, you will be asked to complete a self-inspection via your Tesla Account. Tesla will then provide an official trade-in offer.

If you decide to move forward, you may be asked to submit more information to your Tesla Account prior to taking delivery.

What kind of vehicles does Tesla accept?
Tesla accepts all types of vehicles, regardless of age, the value of which will be applied to the purchase of a new or used Tesla. Use the trade-in estimate page to get a quote.

How does Tesla determine the price of my vehicle?
Values for Tesla vehicles are generated out of a standard calculation based on vehicle configuration, history, kilometres and age. The resulting value is based on market data and internal Tesla product knowledge.

Values for Non-Tesla vehicles are provided based on market data utilising industry standard tools and resources.

Can the value of my trade-in change?
Trade-in estimates are only valid for 30 days from date of offer, subject to any undisclosed damage or if the odometer has increased by over 1,600 kilometres. Additionally, the trade-in offer may need to be reviewed if two keys, all accessories, headrests, owner’s manual and service history (if in booklet form) are not available.

We recommend requesting a trade-in quote closer to the delivery estimate shown in your Tesla Account.

Can I still trade in my vehicle even if it is under finance?
Yes. Tesla will pay out the financier after delivery with any equity being applied to your Tesla order. If you owe more on your finance contract than what the vehicle is worth, you may be able to roll over the negative equity into your new Tesla purchase, subject to finance approval.

What can I expect on Delivery Day?
If trading in your current vehicle, please ensure two keys, all accessories, headrests, owner’s manual and service history (if in booklet form) are left in the vehicle.

If your Tesla is being delivered via Carrier Direct, then your trade-in will be collected at the time of delivery.

Taking Delivery

Taking delivery of your new Tesla is a quick and easy experience. With Tesla Tutorial videos available on your touchscreen, you can learn about the features and functions of your Tesla from the driver’s seat.

What information do you need from me before delivery?
See Tesla Delivery Day to learn about the steps required before taking delivery. Please note the delivery process can vary based on state of residence, financing method and availability.

What are the delivery options?
See Tesla Taking Delivery to learn about delivery day.

Do I need to have my insurance policy active for my Tesla before delivery?
It is recommended that comprehensive insurance is active prior to taking delivery. If you are financing, most institutions will require an active certificate of currency from your insurer prior to settlement.

How do I install charging for my Tesla at home?
There are a variety of ways to charge your Tesla. We recommend installing a Tesla Wall Connector from the Tesla Shop. See Home Charging Installation for a step-by-step process on installing a Wall Connector for your home.


What are the accepted methods of payment?
Before driving off in your new Tesla, we require that the balance be paid in full, either personally or by way of settlement from a financing institution.

Confirm your method of payment with your Tesla representative prior to Delivery Day. Payment must be received 72hrs prior to delivery, except when completing payment via Credit Card which must be completed in person via CHIP+PIN authorisation.

Final payment is accepted via:

Note: Cheques of any kind are not accepted

Is my new Tesla eligible for any EV incentives or rebates?
The New Zealand Government has introduced the Clean Car Discount of $8,625 on new electric vehicles with a Drive Away Price under $80,000 (including GST and on road costs). Eligible electric vehicles are also exempt from Road User Charges until 31 March 2024. Learn more.


Can I register my vehicle with two names, but only take out a loan in one name?
No, a vehicle can only be registered to one order. This requirement applies to both Tesla Financing and 3rd party financing. You can directly edit your registration information in Tesla Account.

Can I register my vehicle to a business?
Yes, you may register your vehicle to your business provided the business has a registered NZBN. Special conditions apply when it comes to financing under a business. Please speak to your Tesla Advisor for advice.

Can I register my vehicle to a trust?
Yes, however the process varies based on whether the trust is incorporated and has an NZBN. Please speak to your Tesla Advisor for advice.

Can I register my vehicle as a sole trader?
Yes, you will be required to provide the NZBN and the sole trader’s full name. Please speak to your Tesla Advisor for advice.