South Australia's Virtual Power Plant: Frequently Asked Questions

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1 Energy Locals & Tesla review this offer annually to ensure it is the lowest generally available single rate residential offer in SA as of 31 August of that year. If a tier 1 Energy Retailer releases an offer with a lower rate, Energy Locals and Tesla will reduce this offer to align with the cheaper competitive offer (within 60 days of becoming aware of the cheaper offer). Contact us at 08 7100 1294 to find out more.

2 Tesla will check whether we can install a system at your home and determine one of the following options with no charge to you.

Benefits You Will Access 

Powerwall Home Battery and Solar Panels

Powerwall Home Battery Only 

No Solar or Powerwall Home Battery 

Access Sustainable Electricity 

Access Blackout Protection

Access the lower generally available rate in South Australia1

The hardware installed on your home is owned by Tesla and you will not receive a Feed in Tariff. If you choose to leave South Australia’s Virtual Power Plant, the system will be configured to provide benefits to those who continue to be connected to the program and remain on your home.